The Israeli army is on high alert against the escalation of the US Iraq Conflict

According to “Russia today” website, under the background of the trump government’s recent upgrade of extreme pressure measures on Iraq and its intention to launch a military attack on it, the Israel Defense Force said it had received an order to prepare for the possible strike action of the US military. Analysts believe that this will aggravate the security risks and challenges faced by the Middle East. < / P > < p > since trump took office, the United States has been determined to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement despite the opposition of the international community, and has taken a series of extreme pressure measures on Iraq, including economic sanctions, diplomatic containment and military deterrence. According to US media, at the end of his term of office, trump discussed with the top of the national security team the feasibility of attacking Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities on the grounds that Iran’s uranium enrichment reserves continued to increase and exceeded the provisions of the Iran nuclear agreement, and started relevant preparatory work. < / P > < p > at the diplomatic level, trump spoke with Israeli Defense Minister Ganz, saying that there is “uncertainty” in Iran and that the United States and Israel must enter a state of military alert. At the same time, US acting Defense Secretary Miller and Ganz had telephone exchanges on the situation in Iran and US Israeli defense cooperation. US Secretary of state Pompeo went to the Gulf region to launch intensive “shuttle diplomacy”, aiming at Iran. Accompanying officials even hinted that “all options for Iran’s nuclear issue have been put on the table”. < / P > < p > at the military level, the US military has launched a new round of military display operations against Iran. In late November, the US central command issued a statement that a number of B-52 strategic bombers formed a flying formation and went to the Middle East to carry out military deployment missions. The move is widely seen as Trump’s war threat signal to Iran. In addition, the US military has recently successfully tested two types of weapons and equipment used to attack Iraq. Among them, F-35 fighters carrying tactical nuclear bombs can carry out high-precision attacks on Iraq’s underground and missile bases, and B-1B strategic bombers carrying agm-158 missiles can attack Iraq’s air defense missile positions, missile launching vehicles and other ground fixed targets. In the view of the Israeli government, the period between now and Biden’s inauguration next year will be “a very sensitive and critical period”, and the possibility of removing the hidden danger of Iran’s nuclear threat by means of Trump’s ordinary over-the-spot clearance cannot be ruled out. < / P > < p > Israel said that it should be careful that the United States should take the lead in launching attacks on Iran without informing Israel in advance. If the United States attacks Iran, Iran may launch retaliatory actions against Israel. Senior Israeli officials have repeatedly said that the issue of the war readiness order is not based on the fact that they have acquired conclusive information about the imminent attack by the United States, but on the fear that once the United States takes action, Israel will be unprepared due to time constraints. < / P > < p > Iran immediately retaliated against US military facilities in Iraq after the US army attacked and killed Sulaimani, commander of the “Holy City Brigade” of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard earlier this year. As a staunch ally of the United States in the Middle East, Israel is very concerned about this. In addition, Israel recently launched air strikes against its military presence and pro Iraqi militia in Syria on the ground of Iran’s “violation of sovereignty”, adding to the already fragile bilateral relations. < / P > < p > in the face of possible US military action, a spokesman for the Iranian government made a tough statement to the outside world, saying that it would make a severe and destructive response. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s adviser said that the US military action in Iraq will trigger a “comprehensive war”, and neither the US nor the whole Middle East region can afford such a “comprehensive crisis”. In addition to the fierce words, Iran also showed a considerable degree of rationality and restraint. It is reported that the Iranian military has issued instructions to all partners in the region to remain on high alert at the last moment of Trump’s term of office to prevent provocations. At the same time, Iranian President Rouhani expressed the hope that the new U.S. government can correct the current government’s wrong policy towards Iran and release a positive signal for easing bilateral relations.

analysts believe that novel coronavirus pneumonia and severe regional conflicts will keep us and Israel and the Iraqi side calm and rational, and strive for greater room for improving the relationship between the United States and Iraq and peace and stability in the Middle East region. Three