The international community expresses its mourning for the victims of the bombing in Beirut and many countries are ready to provide assistance

Beijing, Aug. 6 (in Chinese): as of May 5, a violent explosion in the port area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, has killed 135 people, injured about 5000 people and left dozens of others unaccounted for. The international community mourns the victims of the explosion and many countries hope to provide assistance to Lebanon. The United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, Filippo grandi, issued a statement on the bombing in Beirut on the 5th, saying that the UN High Commissioner for refugees was deeply shocked by the death and damage caused by the explosion. “We mourn the bereaved families,” the statement said. Our hearts are with those who suffered physical and mental harm in the explosion. At this time of adversity and challenge, we stand in solidarity with Beirut and the people of Lebanon. ” On the 5th, Syrian Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister moalim, in a telephone conversation with foreign minister shal beil Vebe of Lebanon, extended his sympathy to the people of Lebanon, especially the families of the victims, and wished the injured to recover as soon as possible. He said that Syria expresses deep sympathy for the heavy damage suffered by Lebanon in the bombing incident and is willing to do everything possible to help its brother countries overcome the impact of the incident. Tunisia’s president said said on the 5th that Tunisia would provide emergency food and drug aid to Lebanon. According to the statement issued by Tunisia on the same day, the Turkish side will send two special planes to Lebanon to transport the food and medicine urgently needed by Lebanon. When the Turkish plane returns, it can take back 100 wounded people in Lebanon so that they can be treated in Tunisia. Cuba’s president, Dias carnel, has sent a message of condolence to President ORN of Lebanon, and Cuban diplomats in Lebanon responded to the local government’s call to actively participate in blood donation, the official Cuban news agency Latin America News Agency reported on Friday. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez tweeted on social media on the 5th that a large number of casualties were caused by the explosion in Beirut port area. Cuba expressed sincere sympathy to the people and government of Lebanon and sympathy to the families of the victims.