The individual patrol missile has the function of group operation

According to a request for information in November this year, the so-called “organic precision fire light infantry” program aims to obtain a ground launched UAV. This kind of UAV deployment requires no more than two people, with a maximum range of 20 km and a flight time of 90 minutes. It can operate in groups, has strong anti-jamming ability, and can attack enemy troops and materials. < / P > < p > it is reported that the Marine Corps has been trying to reshape it into a force mainly composed of maritime forces. For many military assets, this fire coverage area is too dangerous before some key targets are captured or eliminated. This prompted the service to begin to study how to integrate multiple capabilities into small-scale combat units with decentralized deployment. Portable UAVs can support this. < / P > < p > Brian Clark, a retired submarine officer and senior researcher at the Hudson Institute of the United States, said that special operations forces have used small cruise missiles in combat for some time. He added that the clustering effect would take the system a step further. < / P > < p > Clark explained: “the concept of cluster is,” how can I break through the enemy’s defense and cut off the enemy’s retreat. “. If I were a combat unit in the Marine Corps, I would usually pursue a group of enemies rather than just one or two people, as the special forces did. The emphasis here is to trigger regional effects. Your goal is to break through the defensive forces or cause explosions in a wider area, so as to drive away opponents or cut off their retreat. ” < / P > < p > he said: “you can create an explosion mode, or detonate it in some order to drive the enemy to the firing area. Therefore, for the Marine Corps, clustering is to control the enemy’s behavior in a way beneficial to them. ” In some ways, the unmanned system may be more effective than the traditional weapons of the Marine Corps, said Dakota wood, a retired Marine Corps member and an analyst with the heritage foundation. < / P > < p > wood also said that the cluster capability makes weapons more lethal, because UAVs can communicate with each other and launch attacks from different directions, so as to maximize the strike effect. < / P > < p > Clark and wood both believe that this is not a plan that exists in science fiction, but an existing technology, which means it can be put into use faster.