The Guatemalan government helped families to transport the ashes back to their homes

August 7th, novel coronavirus pneumonia reported on 6 reported in a report in the South American overseas Chinese newspaper, 5, that as of 5, Guatemalan citizens living abroad died of new crown pneumonia. The government said it would continue to provide financial assistance to the families of the dead for transporting the ashes back to China. According to reports, the 255 dead people lived in the United States, Mexico and Ecuador, with the largest number of Guatemalan citizens living in the United States, with 200. Novel coronavirus pneumonia fund was set up in May to help families living overseas, during the

epidemic. The Fund helps families bury their loved ones or transport their ashes to the country. It is reported that each family will receive up to $2000 in aid.

also pointed out novel coronavirus pneumonia has established funds for the Guatemalan citizens who have been killed overseas for other reasons. In July, the Ministry of foreign affairs has processed 75 requests.