The general committee of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has decided on the form of president election

According to the Japan Broadcasting Association, on the election of the president of the LDP, the LDP held a party general meeting on the 1st and decided not to implement the voting of the members of the party, but to elect the new president of the LDP through the plenary meeting of the members of the national assembly of the party. According to Kyodo news agency, the general meeting of the LDP also discussed the election schedule of the president. It is planned to issue an announcement on the 8th and vote on the 14th. < / P > < p > it is reported that according to the voting system, there are 535 votes in total, including 394 “congressmen’s votes” of the LDP members in the Senate and the house of Representatives, as well as 3 votes allocated to each of the 47 branches and federations of the LDP, totaling 141 votes. < / P > < p > according to Kyodo news agency, Kan Yiwei, who was supported by the Xi Tian faction, the ASO faction and the second rank faction in the presidential election, is in an advantage. In addition, leader of the LDP political adjustment Committee, Wenxiong Kishida, and former LDP secretary-general, Shi bomao, may become powerful competitors.