The former Japanese Prime Minister, Mr. and Mrs. Ogai, claimed innocence in the first public trial of the bribery election case

Kyodo News Agency reported on August 25 that in the case of bribery in Hiroshima constituency in Japan’s Senate election in July last year, the former Prime Minister of Japan, the former Prime Minister of the Legislative Council, representative Kazuo Kawakami, and his wife, Sen. kazui, claimed innocence in the first public trial in Tokyo District Court on August 25. Both LDPs have withdrawn. In the case of Yasuki, it was accused of sending cash to 100 local members before and after the announcement of the Senate election. The purpose of sending cash is the biggest argument. Mr. and Mrs. Kai generally acknowledged the cash, but said it was “not provided for the purpose of voting and canvassing” and denied the content of the prosecution. At the beginning of the public trial, Mr. Kawakami apologized and said, “it has caused trouble to everyone.” The case denied conspiracy and stressed that the money was sent “to comfort those who are participating in the unified local election or to congratulate them on their election”. In its opening statement, the prosecution said that Mr. Kawakami did not ask for an invoice from the local councillors, such as “recklessly commissioned to assist in the campaign”. The prosecution also pointed out that “Kawakami has made a list of cash supply and kept it in its own computer”. The list was later deleted, it was said. In this case, none of the local councillors was prosecuted. According to Kazuo Kawakami, the prosecution was suspected of having engaged in illegal transactions free from criminal punishment in order to obtain favorable confessions, and planned to put forward a request to stop the public trial in order to reject the public prosecution.