The first high end Forum on science and health held in Beijing

On November 1, the first high-end forum on science and health was held in Beijing. The forum aims to implement the strategy of healthy China, gather resources and wisdom of all parties, focus on the theme of “national health under normal epidemic prevention and control”, strive to promote the scientific planning of healthy life of the public, effectively disseminate and popularize the concept of health and health, and vigorously promote the high-quality development of health industry and traditional Chinese medicine under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. This forum is under the guidance of population and culture development center of National Health Commission, China quality agricultural products development and Service Association, and central health and Health Committee of Democratic League. It is jointly sponsored by people’s Daily China City daily and high-end forum organizing committee of science and big health. It consists of State Key Laboratory of traditional Chinese medicine, people’s Government of Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, and science and big health 》The editorial board was creative and organized. More than 200 guests gathered together to gather wisdom and discuss the truth scientifically. Jin Xiaotao, former deputy director of the national health and Family Planning Commission and President of China health information and health medical big data society, pointed out that in the fight against the epidemic, respecting science is an important criterion followed by the party and the people. We should guide our life and work with science and standardize our health cause with science. Ji Jiafu, director of the central health and Health Committee of the Democratic League of China and President of Beijing Cancer Hospital, pointed out that traditional Chinese medicine with Chinese characteristics has played an important role in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. Zhang Boli, winner of the national honorary title of “people’s hero” and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, delivered a keynote speech on “carrying forward the anti epidemic spirit and strengthening cultural confidence”. He believed that novel coronavirus pneumonia participated in the treatment of new crown pneumonia, and made outstanding contributions. The central government was concentrated on isolation, taking Chinese medicine, the Chinese medicine capsule and the integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, which improved the cure rate and reduced the mortality rate. He pointed out that the multi-point sporadic and local aggregation outbreak under the normalization prevention and control will become the normal in the future. We should sum up the experience, make up for the shortcomings, speed up the construction of emergency response and prevention and treatment system, give full play to the advantages of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine, and win the final victory in the fight against the epidemic. Wang Qi, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and master of traditional Chinese medicine, analyzed the concept and industrial trend of big health. He believes that different groups, different occupations and different individuals face different health problems, and the aging society brings about the rise of serious diseases and chronic diseases. He puts forward that we should focus on the treatment of diseases instead of people’s health, and pay attention to the health level and state of different groups and individuals, as well as the sum of the relationship between environment and health. Therefore, we should change the concept, strengthen the leadership, enhance the ability of independent innovation, solve the big health problems with scientific and technological innovation, and promote the upgrading and transformation of the big health industry. < p > < p > at the forum, the people’s daily, China City daily, science and big health was launched. This is the result of the signing of science and big health by the media center of science and big health with the newspaper. According to the introduction, the simultaneous interpreting of science and health will open a column entitled “health talk about famous people” and “your occupation and health”, so as to spread scientific, authoritative and practical knowledge of health and promote health products.