“The first cup of health tea in autumn” is both healthy and delicious

Although milk tea is warm to the heart, it is not good for the body. If you drink more, you should be careful to get fat. Therefore, “the first cup of milk tea in autumn” is not as good as “the first cup of health tea in autumn”. Wei Guo, a nutritionist at the Oriental Hospital of Beijing University of traditional Chinese medicine, said that milk tea was originally a healthy drink made of milk and black tea. It has a long history of drinking in the west, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and other places in China. Drinking a cup of self-made milk tea in late autumn and winter can not only control the amount of sugar, but also ensure the 100% use of milk, which is delicious and healthy. Not much difference between

and Wei, the Chinese tea maker, Wei Wei, pointed out that the homemade milk tea is simple: Boil 250ml water first, boil off the fire, pour 3 to 5 grams of tea, stew for 3 minutes, and love the tea for a long time, add 250ml milk and cook it in a small way, and then stir it in sugar or honey, stir it, and then filter it into a cup of 500ml tea. Its nutritional value is almost the same as that of 250ml milk. According to Wei, home-made milk tea can add food such as ginger, brown sugar and jujube according to one’s personal preference to create a more colorful taste experience. The ginger sugar and Su Ye drink recorded in Materia Medica Huiyan can be matched with milk tea, which can help to resist cold pathogens in autumn and winter, disperse wind and disperse cold, warm stomach and relieve exterior symptoms. < p > < p > Jiangtang Suye milk tea. Usage: ginger 3G, Suye 3G, black tea 3G, Milk 250ml, brown sugar 15g, wash ginger and perilla leaves, cut into shreds, put them into tea cup together with black tea, add boiling water to brew for 5-10 minutes, remove ginger, perilla leaves and black tea, and pour milk and brown sugar for seasoning. < / P > < p > function: in this milk tea, ginger and perilla leaves can be pungent and cold, while milk and black tea can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach. Adding brown sugar can not only relieve the pungent and bitter taste of ginger and perilla leaves, but also help milk and black tea warm the stomach and expel cold. However, it is not suitable for people with deficiency of yin and damp heat. < p > < p > Yanggan Mingmu tea. Zhang Yingying, chief gynecologist of Guangdong Provincial Second Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, recommends this autumn health tea. Usage: 15g wolfberry fruit, 10g Hangbaiju, 10g Dendrobium. Soak in 1000ml water for 15 minutes, and then drink it for half an hour. You can also take it directly with boiling water. < p > < p > Ziyin Yangwei tea. Zhang Yingying also recommended this kind of nourishing stomach tea, usage: Lily, jade bamboo, lotus seed each 10 grams, 5 jujube, add 500 ml water soak for 15 minutes, decoct for half an hour can drink, can also be directly boiled water. Wei Guo suggested that if you want to drink milk tea on the market, you should pay more attention to food matching. High energy snacks and cakes should be excluded. Food with high protein and dietary fiber should be used to balance nutrition, such as a piece of bread, a boiled egg and a dish of vegetable salad.