The fire in the western Russian Arsenal was completely put out

Moscow, October 9 – a fire at the arms depot in western Russia’s liangzan prefecture has been completely extinguished, Russian Defense Ministry officials said on the 9th. On the same day, Russian media quoted Bulgakov, Deputy Minister of defense of Russia, as saying that all the fires in the arms depot in liangzan Prefecture had been put out, and the possibility of fire recurrence was also ruled out. Bulgakov said the current focus has shifted to rebuilding the damaged infrastructure in the arsenal. The Russian troops participating in the fire fighting will withdraw to their permanent bases one after another from October 10, leaving some engineers to carry out relevant investigation and finishing work. < p > < p > a fire broke out in an ammunition depot in liangzan Prefecture of western Russia on July 7 due to the burning and spreading of weeds nearby. Some ammunition in the ammunition depot exploded, and more than 2300 residents in the nearby residential area were evacuated. The fire injured 16 people and damaged some buildings.