The experience of a brigade of the 83rd group army in the “combat preparation drill with full equipment and ammunition for all members of the synthetic battalion”

In the early winter morning of December 13 in Xi’an, the hinterland of Weibei river is located. A sharp battle alarm broke through the dawn. Under the background of actual combat, a certain brigade of the 83rd group army launched a “combat oriented preparation drill with full equipment and full ammunition for all members of the synthetic battalion”. < / P > < p > “distribute ammunition!” At the command of the commander, the ammunition keeper checks the variety, quantity and quality level of the ammunition, and then a variety of handling machines work synchronously. < / P > < p > “switch to forklift for loading operation!” Xu Sheng, the commander of the first battalion, quickly put forward a solution. At this time, the radio station received the latest information, Xu Sheng quickly changed the plan, accurately integrated the strengthening personnel into the company with each demand, and directed the whole battalion to carry out the operation in an orderly manner. < / P > < p > “a simple change in number will lead to the overall change of equipment and materials, personnel organization and various plans.” Xu Sheng said that the actual combat training preparation exercise is not only the training of combat preparation, but also a field test of emergency disposal. < / P > < p > “attention groups, start the vehicle!” After the ammunition was loaded, the commander ordered all the vehicles to start quickly. For a moment, the armor roared and the smoke billowed. < / P > < p > “this drill is based on the full loading of all personnel, focusing on the training of weapons, materials and equipment, vehicle unsealing formation, and various types of ammunition loading, so as to comprehensively improve the level of practical training.” Brigade commander Yang Jinlong said. < p > < p > after the drill, Yang Jinlong led the commanders of the battalions to rectify the problems found on the spot, and to study the solutions on the spot around the weaknesses exposed in the training. Each one was close to the actual combat needs, and each one highlighted the weaknesses.