The epidemic situation in Uzbekistan is stable, about 1.5 million candidates are taking college entrance examination in gymnasium

Novel coronavirus pneumonia Nur

August 7, Sultan, Uzbekistan: according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health, 740 new cases of confirmed diagnosis of new crown pneumonia in 6 countries have been maintained, which has maintained the momentum since August. Up to the 7th, there were 28809 confirmed cases, 19587 cases cured and 179 deaths in Uzbekistan. Affected by the epidemic situation, the final examination of middle school students in Uzbekistan has been changed to remote mode, and the university entrance examination will be organized in open gymnasiums all over Uzbekistan. According to the examination process, if the examination is held twice a day, the whole college entrance examination will last for 12-14 days. < p > < p > according to the Uzbek state news agency, the teaching activities of the University in the new academic year will still be instructed by the line day to the leaders of relevant departments to solve the problem of Internet access in remote areas, and to formulate preferential traffic charging standards for college students. According to the decision of Urumqi epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the isolation period will end on August 15. Uzbek Deputy Prime Minister Aziz abdhakimov told the media a few days ago that if the people can strictly abide by the isolation regulations and epidemic prevention requirements during this period, then after August 15, according to the development situation of the epidemic situation, isolation control may be cancelled. According to Uzbek media reports, kindergartens across Uzbekistan are starting to prepare for the resumption of classes. Previously, all kindergartens had been closed due to the epidemic.