The disappearance of soldiers in Fort Hood base of the US Army

Fort Hood military base, located in Texas, is the largest domestic base for the U.S. Army’s active armored forces. Since the beginning of this year, there have been a number of strange missing and death cases of soldiers in this base. On the evening of the 19th local time, a 23-year-old staff sergeant elder Fernandez, a US nuclear and biochemical expert stationed at Fort Hood base, was reported missing again. According to US media reports quoting local police sources, the last appearance of elder Fernandez before his disappearance was in the afternoon of the 17th local time. At that time, another base officer sent him to his residence near the base, and since then he has not been found. < p > < p > because Fernandez did not report to the base on time in the following two days, Fort Hood found the anomaly. The U.S. military issued a notice on social media on the 21st, hoping that the public could provide information to help search for Fernandez. The U.S. military also revealed that Fernandez was a victim of a sexual assault in the base and had been assisting in the investigation. To avoid retaliation, Fernandez had been transferred to other units before his disappearance. < / P > < p > Fernandez’s family is now in Texas. His family said that Fernandez’s disappearance was “full of doubts” — first, before his disappearance, Fernandez had been receiving treatment in the hospital at the base, but the military refused to disclose any information on the ground of confidentiality; in addition, Fernandez’s only car had been parked in the base, including the key to the apartment and other properties in the car, and shared the room with him Friends said that Fernandez “has not come back to live for a long time.”. Fort Hood military base is the largest domestic base of the U.S. Army’s armored forces in active service. Since this year, there have been many strange missing and death incidents in this base. In April this year, Vanessa Gillen, a female soldier stationed at Fort Hood base, reported missing. Her body was found on June 30. Investigators believe that she was killed by another soldier in the base. On July 17, the body of another 26 year old soldier was found near the base, and the police are still investigating the case.