The diagnosis of 100000 + in the United States is not the most terrible

The U.S. election is in turmoil, and the epidemic data has reached a new high. The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by us in Beijing on November 10th has exceeded 10 million cases, reaching 10018278 cases and accumulative death in 237742 cases, according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University. Up to now, novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious in the United States. The number of cumulative cases and the number of deaths in the world are the highest. The continuous aggravation of the epidemic situation has aroused the concern of American medical experts. Some analysts believe that unless the White House takes action, it will further aggravate the pandemic. Faced with the high incidence of epidemic in autumn and winter, experts generally believe that “the United States is not ready.”.

according to statistics novel coronavirus pneumonia was first reported in January 21st. By April 28, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 1 million. It took 99 days from 1 to 1 million. Since then, the epidemic situation in the United States has been deteriorating, and the number of confirmed cases has risen rapidly. On October 31, Beijing time, more than 9 million new crown cases were confirmed in the United States. However, it took only 11 days from 9 million cases to 10 million cases. The novel coronavirus pneumonia increased to 10 million in less than 10 months, CNN noted. In the past week, the average number of new cases in the United States has exceeded 100000 a day, a record high. According to Johns Hopkins, 43 states in the United States reported an increase of at least 10% over last week, and 10 states increased by more than 50%, including Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont and Washington, according to Johns Hopkins. At the same time, the infection rate in the United States far exceeds the detection rate. In the past week, no state had an infection rate below 10%. According to the covid tracking project, the average daily infection rate has increased by 34% in the past week, while the detection rate has only increased by 7.41%. “In the past week, about 23 states across the United States have reported a record number of new confirmed cases.” “We absolutely need more tests,” says Rochelle valensky, a professor at Harvard Medical School. The rising rate of confirmed cases is much faster than that of detection rate. ” < p > < p > according to CNBC, as new confirmed cases in the United States continue to break records, medical experts warn that the epidemic is worsening in the United States, and the winter may face disastrous consequences. Megan Laney, a professor at Brown University’s School of emergency medicine, also pointed out that the United States is “entering the period of the worst pandemic.” we will see the cross and intermingle of the small epidemics across the country “It’s like adding fuel to the fire.” < / P > < p > “the U.S. must step on the brakes in the face of a runaway pandemic,” the Washington Post wrote. Can the United States really step on the brakes? According to the article, the new coronavirus spreads almost uncontrollably in every region and every state in the United States. The United States faces enormous challenges in the coming weeks, but there is no clear way out. Experts are therefore concerned about the U.S. government’s response to the epidemic. In addition, the US media also mentioned that the United States is currently in the “transitional period” of the president, which is an uncertain period, which makes the response to the pandemic even more problematic. Trump has basically given up taking positive measures. “President elect” Biden plans to set up a new crown epidemic working group, but the situation out of control will pose a severe test for Biden team. It is worth noting that the recent US election and subsequent celebrations and protests have also exacerbated the epidemic situation. According to CNN, novel coronavirus pneumonia is facing the risk of infection in the voting and counting center staff during the US election period. More than 20 staff members are now in contact with the newly diagnosed crown pneumonia patients and are currently isolating themselves. < / P > < p > it is not clear how many election related workers across the United States are infected with the new coronavirus. According to a New York state health commissioner, a New York pollster confirmed during the election that the worker was asymptomatic. In addition, in Michigan, Connecticut, California, there are polling and counting center staff confirmed.

CNBC analyzed novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia project launched by the the Atlantic monthly magazine. The average number of new crown pneumonia hospitalization in the 38 states of the US has increased by 5% at least. Utah’s “hospitals and intensive care units are close to the limit. If this situation continues, Utah people will not be able to get medical services in the next few days,” the governor’s office said in a statement “We must take immediate action to protect our hospitals and healthcare workers from further damage to our families, communities and businesses,” the statement added In the face of the severe epidemic situation, U.S. experts remind that if no positive measures are taken in the next few months, the consequences will be unimaginable. Mark Rosenberg, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, said: “the current administration and this Congress need to act quickly because the epidemic is more serious than ever. If we don’t have a clear policy, no clear goals, no trust from all, then the death toll will rise to an extraordinary level and the infection rate will rise. So the next few months are crucial. ” The guardian also pointed out that the United States will enter the stage of “the most serious pandemic”, but there is no clear response strategy. Health experts say that after a fierce election, the general election and political deadlock will aggravate the new coronavirus crisis in the United States, and the pandemic will enter the most lethal stage. “We’re in the middle of the worst pandemic right now,” says Lanny. The spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia and its losses to the United States will largely depend on the next two months.