The death toll rose to 17 after two suicide bombers killed in the Philippines

According to Philippine media, on August 25, the Philippine military said that two suicide bombers were killed in a series of explosions in hollo city on August 24. In addition, an injured soldier died in the hospital on the 25th. So far, the death toll from the series of explosions has now risen to 17. They included eight soldiers, six civilians, one police officer and two attackers. < p > < p > Philippine army commander-in-chief sobehana said that on the 24th, there were two explosions in hollo city. At first, the military only found that the second explosion was caused by suicide attackers, but now the investigation shows that the second explosion was also caused by suicide attackers. According to Gonzalez, commander of the Sulu joint task force in the Philippines, surveillance video at the scene of the first explosion showed the first suicide attacker detonating himself next to a motorcycle parked on the road. The second suicide attacker was then asked by soldiers and suddenly detonated himself. < p > < p > after the serial explosions, the city of hollo was immediately blocked in order to search for the attackers. But on the afternoon of the 25th, the mayor of hollo ordered that the blockade would end on the 26th. The military suspects the blast was orchestrated by a team led by bomb expert Mundi sawadegaan of the Abu Sayyaf group. The Philippine army commander-in-chief sobehana said on the 25th that he proposed the implementation of military martial law throughout Sulu province to prevent fleeing and strengthen the security of Sulu province. He will make formal written proposals to the chief of staff and the Secretary of defense, and if approved, will be submitted to the president for approval. < / P > < p > the southern Philippines experienced two and a half years of martial law from May 23, 2017 to December 31, 2019, to combat.