The construction of the US border wall will destroy the cemetery! An Indian tribe sued the US government

On August 13, according to ABC, a tribe in California recently sued the U.S. government for suspending the construction of a section of the border wall. The tribe said that the planned path of the wall through the tribe cemetery will cause irreversible damage to the tribe’s ancestral bones, cultural objects, history and religious customs. According to reports, on the 11th, local Indian tribes filed a lawsuit with the federal court in San Diego, asking the court to order a temporary suspension of the construction of a section of the border wall, so that the tribe can protect its religious and cultural heritage. The tribe hopes that members of the tribe will be able to monitor construction and interrupt construction works to protect the remains of their ancestors and cultural objects. < / P > < p > it is reported that the lawsuit is against President trump, defense secretary esper, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad wolf and a lieutenant general in charge of building the wall. The lawsuit points out that the defendant is currently building a border wall through the tribal cemetery and “holy land”, which will cause irreversible damage to the ancestral remains, cultural objects, history and religious customs of the tribe, but these injuries can be avoided. < / P > < p > it is reported that the places that may be threatened by the construction of the wall include an ancient tribal cemetery. According to the tribe, relevant cultural resource surveys and historians have noted the existence of human remains, burial sites and some archaeological sites within the planned route of the border wall. < / P > < p > the indictment states that the blockade near the border interrupted the religious activities of the tribe, as members of the tribe were accused of arrest and illegal intrusion for trying to enter the prayer area and hold ceremonies. < / P > < p > according to the report, the tribe said that the border officials did not fully solicit the opinions of the tribe members, the tribe was not allowed to protect its cemeteries, nor was it allowed to properly dispose of the remains excavated due to the construction of the border wall. It is reported that young members of the tribe, including high school students, have been holding protests near the border wall in an attempt to draw attention to the issue. < / P > < p > the trump administration announced in February 2019 that the United States entered a “state of emergency” and ordered all government departments to raise a total of $6.7 billion for the construction of the border wall.