The chang’e-5 orbiter and re-entry spacecraft have carried out the first lunar to earth transfer

Beijing, December 12 (Hu Zhe) learned from the National Space Administration that at 9:54 on December 12, the chang’e-5 orbiter and re-entry assembly experienced about six days of round the moon waiting, and implemented the first lunar to ground transfer incident, changing from a near circular orbit to an elliptical orbit with a height of about 200 km near the lunar point. < / P > < p > according to the introduction, the main purpose of the lunar earth transfer incident is to make the orbiter and returner combination enter the lunar earth transfer orbit through the orbital maneuver on the lunar orbit. < / P > < p > subsequently, the orbiter and returner assembly carrying the lunar sample will choose the opportunity to implement the second lunar earth transfer incident, so as to get rid of the lunar gravity and enter the lunar earth transfer orbit to return to the earth.