The cannonball flies into the enemy group like eyes

Since he entered the Korean War in April 1951, he has participated in the war for hundreds of times, and won the special merit once and the first class twice. Especially in the famous Shangganling campaign, he wiped out more than 420 enemy troops with an 82mm mortar in his hand, effectively blocking the enemy’s attack. In the first ten days of October 1952, the enemy intensified the air attack and artillery attack on the two highland Volunteer Army positions 597.9 and 537.7 in the front of wusheng mountain. On October 14, before dawn, the “United Nations forces” began to concentrate their planes and artillery on the front positions of the volunteers. < / P > < p > “the shells rained on our square array, and the ground was shaking, and the whole position became a sea of fire. The explosion was deafening and the smoke in the air was choking Tang Zhanghong recalled. < p > < p > < p > due to his continuous meritorious deeds in the “cold gun campaign” carried out before, Tang Zhanghong was assigned to an important artillery position in 537.7 highland to provide artillery support for infantry. < / P > < p > “after a long time, the artillery began to extend backward, which indicated that the enemy was attacking us. We are ready for a big fight with the enemy. We must kill their arrogance. ” Tang Zhanghong said. < / P > < p > “at that time, everywhere was shrouded in smoke and dust, and the enemy could not be seen at all. 200 shells were fired out, and I did not know how the battle was going. When they were hesitating, a company of infantry came to us and said, “good fight! Your cannonball flies into the enemy group like a long eye, effectively blocking the enemy’s attack. As long as there are still shells, you can continue to fight. Don’t stop. ” When Tang Zhanghong said this, his eyes suddenly brightened. The continuous firing behind < / P > < p > repelled the enemy’s many attacks, but also angered the enemy, and the enemy aircraft began to hover over their heads. All of a sudden, a bomb exploded at the top right of their fortification, and the rolled up soil and stones buried Tang Zhanghong with the cannon. When he was gouged out by his comrades in arms, Tang Zhanghong’s face was covered with blood, and he didn’t wake up until 20 minutes later. When the gun was planed out again, it was found that the gun frame had been damaged. Tang Zhanghong used his body as a support, held the light barrel in his right hand and loaded the shell in his left hand. He used a simple shooting method to finish the remaining shells. < / P > < p > “compared with my comrades in arms, my injury is nothing.” Tang Zhanghong said, “many of our comrades in arms died and were blown to pieces. Some of them couldn’t even find complete bodies. What’s more, the cruelty of the battle has made us forget to bury those comrades in arms who died. ” In his early years, Zhang Hong of Tang Dynasty set his own life coordinates of “loyalty to the party, service for the country, and sharing worries for the people”. For this reason, he has been supporting national defense education for many years. He has attended hundreds of national defense education reports and lectures, and donated medals and certificates to the museum.