The Belarusian military plane successfully shot down an unidentified high-altitude balloon floating from the border airspace

Russian news agency 25 Daily said that the Belarusian portal website “military political review” recently released a video recording the successful interception of UFOs from the territory of Lithuania by Belarusian military aircraft. According to earlier news from the Ministry of defense of Belarus, Minsk used Mi-24 armed helicopter to fight back “provocation”, successfully shooting down eight high-altitude balloons with marks launched from neighboring Lithuania. For the interception operation, Lukashenko ordered to reward relevant military personnel. < / P > < p > video taken from the cockpit of the helicopter shows the Mi-24 armed helicopter approaching a group of high-altitude balloons, which are white, red and white flags used by the opposition in Belarus. According to reports, after the Mi-24 armed helicopter approached, the balloon detector “scattered” to different locations. The Ministry of defense of Belarus reported that recently there were frequent signs of foreign military aircraft activities near the border of Belarus. Russian President Lukashenko denounced NATO’s attempt to incite the Russian chaos and ordered the deployment of a large number of troops near the border areas of Western NATO countries, allowing the army to intercept and counter attack the invading NATO forces without warning.