The average price reduction of the drugs to be selected in the bid opening of the fourth batch of national centralized drug procurement is 52%

On February 3, the fourth batch of centralized drug procurement organized by the state was opened in Shanghai, and the result of selection was produced. 118 enterprises were selected and 158 products were selected, with an average price reduction of 52%. < / P > < p > the fourth batch of national centralized drug collection included 45 kinds of drugs, involving hypertension, diabetes, digestive tract diseases, mental diseases, malignant tumors and other treatment fields, and the benefit scope of the masses was further broadened. < / P > < p > the cost of a batch of commonly used drugs and anticancer drugs will be significantly reduced. Among the commonly used drugs, such as esomeprazole enteric coated tablets, the price of each tablet will be reduced from 9 yuan to 3 yuan after this centralized collection, which can save about 240 yuan for the whole course of treatment. Among the anticancer drugs, bortezomib injection for the treatment of multiple myeloma, for example, the price of a single tablet will be reduced from 1 yuan The whole course of treatment can save about 36000 yuan. < / P > < p > according to the person in charge of the Department of pharmaceutical price and bidding procurement of the National Health Insurance Bureau, the fourth batch of centralized purchasing will still pass the quality and efficacy consistency evaluation as the condition for generic drugs to be shortlisted. At the same time, compared with the third batch of national drug centralized purchase, the fourth batch of national drug centralized purchase further fine tuned and optimized the purchase rules, increasing the number of enterprises that can be selected at most from the original 8 to 10, further improving the supply guarantee ability. < / P > < p > a total of 152 enterprises participated in the centralized purchase, resulting in 118 enterprises to be selected, and the proportion of enterprises to be selected increased to 71%, including 5 products of 5 foreign-funded enterprises, involving multinational pharmaceutical enterprises in Germany, France, India and Japan. Among the products to be selected, 62% are products of listed companies, foreign-funded enterprises and top 100 enterprises. < / P > < p > among the 158 products to be selected, 156 generic drugs and 2 original drugs passed the quality and efficacy consistency evaluation. The two original research drugs to be selected are amisulpride tablets and propofol medium / long chain fat emulsion injection, which will meet the drug demand of patients with high quality, and also reflect the stability of centralized drug procurement results and the standardization of working mechanism after the normalization of centralized drug procurement organized by the state. < / P > < p > the relevant person in charge further said that in accordance with the requirements of normalized and institutionalized centralized procurement of drugs, the scope of centralized procurement of drugs organized by the state will continue to expand in the future, so as to ensure the demand for clinical medication and ensure the quality and supply of drugs. < p > < p > Yao Yu, a researcher at the Institute of economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that China’s centralized drug purchasing has gradually gained experience in the implementation of bidding, purchasing and supporting systems, and has also been initially recognized by medical service units.