The average price reduction of 55 centrally purchased drugs was 53%

In the future, the burden of Beijing citizens on drug costs will be further reduced. Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau yesterday that 55 third batch of national organizations have purchased drugs in Beijing, covering commonly used drugs for chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, as well as some cancer drugs. The biggest drop in the price of the bid winning drugs was more than 90%, with an average price reduction of more than half. According to the municipal medical insurance bureau, recently, the third batch of state-sponsored drugs purchased 55 selected drugs in the city, covering commonly used drugs for chronic diseases familiar to the public, such as hypertension, diabetes, antipyretic analgesia, digestive system, respiratory system, etc., as well as some drugs for cancer, psychiatry and ophthalmology. The average bid winning price dropped by 53%, and the maximum drop was more than 95% 。 The drug burden of patients will be greatly reduced after the national centralized purchase of drugs arrives in Beijing. Take the breast cancer treatment drug letrozole tablets as an example, the original price was 9.11 yuan / tablet, after this price reduction, it was only 2.86 yuan / tablet. According to the dosage of 1 tablet per day, the annual cost of each patient was about 3000 yuan, but now it is reduced to about 1000 yuan. < / P > < p > in terms of drug quality, the quality and efficacy consistency evaluation of generic drugs is taken as the standard. The relevant departments will continue to strictly observe the drug quality to ensure that the price of selected drugs does not degrade. According to the municipal medical insurance bureau, at present, citizens can purchase the selected drugs from public medical institutions, military medical institutions, and designated social medical institutions for voluntary participation. At the same time, centralized procurement of drugs only reduces the price of drugs. When patients use the selected drugs, the proportion of drug reimbursement remains unchanged. It is estimated that the implementation of the third batch of centralized procurement of selected drugs by the state will save about 1 billion yuan annually for the whole city. In the future, centralized drug procurement will continue to be implemented to further reduce the burden of public medical expenses and improve people’s livelihood. It is understood that in order to enable people to use drugs with high quality and good effect at a lower price, the State Medical Insurance Bureau has successively launched three batches of centralized drug procurement organized by the state since 2019, and Beijing has implemented the centralized procurement in March, April and November respectively. The state organizes centralized drug procurement, adopts the methods of purchasing with quantity, linking quantity with price, exchanging price with quantity, and purchasing by bidding, so as to squeeze out the water of drug price, purify the drug circulation order, and truly realize the reduction of drug price and the burden of patients’ medical expenses.