The author of the anonymous article attacking trump appeared in the New York Times in 2018

The author of an anonymous article by the New York Times attacking U.S. President trump in 2018 announced his identity on Wednesday, local time, according to the German news agency, Washington. < p > < p > Myers Taylor, former head of the US Department of homeland security, published an article on the US “media” website, explaining his decision to publish an anonymous article in the New York Times in 2018 and to publish the warning later. “< p > < p > Taylor wrote:” I think trump is a man of no moral credibility, and his own shortcomings lead to the failure of leadership, which can be judged by the lives of Americans. ” “< p > < p > Taylor continued:” so when I left the U.S. government, I wrote the warning, a moral study of the current commander-in-chief and a reminder to voters that the interior of the trump administration is not as bad as it looks – it’s worse. ” Trump responded to Taylor’s identity announcement at a campaign rally in Arizona, calling him a “junior employee” and “a despicable person who has never worked in the White House.”.