The Army Infantry academy “moves” the fixed platform into “the revolutionary Holy Land” for open teaching

On December 3, Nanchang Army Infantry academy moved the fixed platform into the holy land of revolution. Recently, it organized students to teach in Gutian, Caixi, Ruijin, Yudu and other places. It took the form of visiting and learning, situational education, discussion and exchange to guide students to strengthen their faith and build a strong military spirit. < / P > < p > an old site is a lively classroom, and a period of history is a living textbook. From Gutian to Caixi, from Ruijin to Yudu, the students follow and explore all the way. Cultural relics and photos bring the students’ thoughts back to the era of war. The collision of two time and space makes the students deeply understand the greatness of the revolutionary ancestors and feel the greatness of the people in the Soviet area.