The appropriate technology of myopia prevention and control in Henan pilot

Recently, Henan Provincial Health Commission issued the notice on carrying out the pilot work of appropriate technologies for prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents, proposing to recommend 10 national pilot counties and districts, and name 20 provincial pilot counties and districts, so as to play an exemplary and leading role and comprehensively improve the level of school health work. < p > < p > < p > the notice requires that a long-term comprehensive prevention and control mechanism for myopia should be established, the leading role of the government should be strengthened, the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents, the overall myopia rate and physical health status should be included in the government performance appraisal, and the responsibility letter for Comprehensively Strengthening the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents should be signed; appropriate technologies for myopia prevention and control should be carried out, and a regular screening system for myopia among children and adolescents should be established We should implement the system of students’ physical examination and twice a semester’s vision monitoring, and fully mobilize the strength of all sectors of society to carry out health education activities that meet the age characteristics of children and adolescents and have local characteristics. < p > < p > < p > < p > the notice clearly states that we should strengthen the supervision and detection of school teaching and living environment, improve school teaching facilities and conditions, set up a team of experts on prevention and treatment of myopia and eyesight health of children and adolescents, give full play to the role of education, health, sports and other departments and social organizations, carry out health standard publicity, and experts enter the campus and other activities; schools should follow the “Regulations on school health work” 》A sufficient number of health technicians are required. < p > < p > < p > according to the notice, before the end of this year, the provincial health and Health Commission will organize the evaluation of the pilot work, and the results will serve as an important basis for the evaluation and assessment of myopia prevention and control work of the local government and the bonus content of the comprehensive evaluation of disease prevention and control work.