The American people ask: when is the United States great for African Americans?

US President trump went to Kenosha, Wisconsin, on September 1, despite opposition from local officials. The governor of the state and other local officials believe that Trump’s arrival will have a negative effect on the city’s reconstruction and bridging differences, and will further intensify social contradictions. < / P > < p > the arrival of trump makes this small town with only 100000 people fall into the vortex of conflict again. At the crossroads of the presidential motorcade, people who support or oppose want to seize this moment to express their views. Trump inspected businesses damaged in the protests in recent days, but did not visit Blake’s family, who was shot by police. This decision seems to fuel the debate outside the cordon. On this side, people complain about racial discrimination in the United States. On the other side, people are shouting that America is strong again. However, these two slogans, which were not contradictory, are pushing Americans together and pulling them apart. This has happened not only in kinosha, but also across the United States. < / P > < p > protester against racial discrimination Nikai: the United States is full of hatred, which makes me very sad. I don’t want my next generation to go through this, I don’t want my country to go through this. America is great again. What is it saying? When was this country great for African Americans? never! < / P > < p > the walls on both sides of the main roads in the city are painted with good wishes such as peace, unity and hope. However, when people have different interpretations and positions on this, no matter how many messages they send, it is just a luxury imagination.