The 5th National Terahertz Science and technology and Application Symposium held in Changsha

On October 16, Changsha, the 5th National Terahertz Science and technology and Application Symposium was held in Changsha on October 15. More than 500 experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from 53 universities, 85 scientific research institutes and related enterprises gathered on the Bank of Xiangjiang River to conduct in-depth discussion and exchange on the frontier basic research, technology development and application, and related device development and other issues. < p > < p > sponsored by the China Academy of ordnance industry and the University of Defense Science and technology, the conference, with the theme of “gathering strength, leading the development of applications”, launched academic exchanges on the frontier fields of terahertz radiation source, terahertz detector, terahertz wave control and transmission, terahertz radar and communication applications, terahertz spectroscopy and imaging applications, and also demonstrated China’s terahertz development in recent years The latest achievements in the field of technology. More than 70 experts and scholars, including Wu Yirong and Zhuang Songlin, academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, gave keynote and invited reports at the meeting. Terahertz generally refers to electromagnetic waves with frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 10 terahertz. Because it is located in the transition and fusion region between light wave and radio frequency electromagnetic wave, it has the advantages of good penetrability, strong spatiotemporal modulation and resolution, and no damage to the detected object. According to experts, this technology can deepen the understanding of some complex scientific problems in physics, chemistry, astronomy, informatics and life science. It has broad application prospects in high-speed secure communication, biomedical imaging, radar detection, security detection and other fields.