The 16th International Congress of collateral diseases and the 8th Congress of vascular diseases of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine was held

Recently, the 16th International Congress of collateral diseases and the Eighth Congress of vascular diseases of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine were held in Shijiazhuang. More than 10 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, and more than 600 medical colleagues gathered at the scene. At the same time, more than 3000 video sub venues were set up in 28 provinces of China. More than ten thousand doctors and scholars watched the conference line at the same time, sharing the important achievements of traditional Chinese medicine collateral disease theory, and seeking the road of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. At the opening ceremony, Xu Jianpei, vice governor of Hebei provincial government, stressed in his speech that collateral disease theory has gone out a road of mutual promotion and common development of “theory, clinical, scientific research, industry and teaching”, which provides reference for promoting the construction of scientific and technological innovation system of traditional Chinese medicine and the development of Chinese medicine cause. With the theme of “inheritance, openness, innovation and integration”, the International Conference on collateral diseases will provide new perspectives and new ideas for theoretical innovation of traditional Chinese medicine. Deng peiran, deputy secretary of Shijiazhuang municipal Party committee and mayor, said in his speech that collateral disease of traditional Chinese medicine is a unique component of the theoretical system of traditional Chinese medicine. In recent years, with the joint efforts of experts at home and abroad represented by Academician Wu Yiling, fruitful achievements have been made in theoretical innovation, improvement of clinical curative effect of major clinical diseases and innovative drug research and development. In particular, the “construction of TCM venation theory and its guidance on microvascular disease research” won the first prize of national science and Technology Progress Award in 2019, fully demonstrating the characteristic advantages of TCM collateral disease theory in the prevention and treatment of international refractory diseases. Cao zhengkui, vice president of the Chinese Association of traditional Chinese medicine, highly affirmed the series of achievements of collateral disease theory in his opening speech. He said that collaterals disease is one of the typical representatives of TCM inheritance and innovation. Academician Wu Yiling’s team has studied for more than ten years for the first time systematically constructing the TCM theory of venation, forming a new theory to guide the prevention and treatment of vascular diseases, and has been evaluated as “the original achievement of academic research in Chinese medicine”, forming a “academic + clinical + new drug + experiment + evidence based” Integrated TCM academic creation. The new and transformed new model has made a demonstration for the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, and effectively promoted the construction of scientific and technological innovation system of traditional Chinese medicine and the development of Chinese medicine industry. < p > < p > at the session of academicians forum, Academician Wu Yiling of Chinese Academy of engineering, Zhang Yun of Chinese Academy of engineering and Tong Xiaolin of Chinese Academy of Sciences respectively made special reports entitled “construction of TCM venation theory and its guidance for prevention and treatment of microvascular lesions”, “scientific issues raised by capital research” and “evidence-based road of traditional Chinese Medicine – from chronic diseases to epidemic diseases” We have achieved fruitful results and the unique value of collateral disease theory to guide the prevention and treatment of a variety of refractory diseases, and launched in-depth academic exchanges. It is understood that for more than 40 years, Academician Wu Yiling, the founder of TCM collateral diseases, has always been committed to academic and clinical research of TCM collateral diseases, attracting a large number of experts and scholars of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, integration of Chinese and Western medicine, and biology, forming a multidisciplinary research team with TCM as the main body. Through giving full play to the advantages of high-level talents and experts in the research team of collateral diseases, strengthening the construction of societies and international societies at all levels, strengthening the discipline construction and the cultivation of teaching talents of collateral diseases, and carrying out the international academic exchanges of collateral diseases. < / P > < p > under the guidance of collateral disease theory, we have developed more than ten innovative patent Chinese medicines, including Tongxinluo capsule, Shensong Yangxin capsule, Qiliqiangxin capsule, Lianhua Qingwen capsule, YangZheng Xiaoji capsule, Jinlida granule, Lianhua Qingke tablet, Bazi Bushen capsule, among which 7 are listed in the national medical insurance catalogue and 5 are listed in the national basic medicine list, covering cardio cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases Diseases, tumors, diabetes, neurological, urinary system diseases and other major diseases. Based on the theory of collateral disease and the advantages of modern science and technology, the research and development team led by Academician Wu Yiling has undertaken more than 30 national, provincial and ministerial projects, including national “973”, National 863, national key R & D plan, etc., and has carried out a large number of Research on collateral disease theory, and has won one first prize of national science and technology progress award, four second prize of national science and technology progress award, and one second prize of National Technological Invention Award. “TCM collateral disease diagnosis and treatment method” was selected into the national intangible cultural heritage list. At the high-end expert forum, Professor Yang Yuejin of Fuwai Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor Huang Congxin of people’s Hospital of Wuhan University, Professor Li Xinli of the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Professor He Jianxing of the State Key Laboratory of respiratory diseases, and Professor Jia Zhenhua of Yiling Hospital Affiliated to Hebei Medical University respectively made important academic reports, sharing the effects of collaterals unblocking traditional Chinese medicine on heart rhythm Disorders, heart failure, infectious public health events and other major diseases play an important role.