Thanksgiving poverty alleviation meeting in Dongxiang courtyard

Eight Dongxiang villagers in Fengshan Township, Gansu Province, gathered around Shifeng on the afternoon of the 23rd to hold a small family meeting with the theme of “Thanksgiving and poverty alleviation”. This is the seventh Thanksgiving poverty alleviation meeting organized by the people’s Armed Forces Department of Dongxiang County in Ling village. < / P > < p > “in the middle of April, our Armed Forces Department carried out a mass activity of” telling the story of poverty alleviation and thanking the party for its warmth “in the poverty-stricken villages, so as to consolidate and expand the achievements of the decisive battle of poverty alleviation, enhance the national cohesion, promote the unity of the military, the government, the military and the people, and guide the masses of ethnic minorities to feel the favor of the party, listen to the party’s words, and follow the party.” Xu Errui, political commissar of Linxia military division in Gansu Province, said. < / P > < p > it’s a happy day for Ma Zhonglin, the person in charge of farmers’ breeding cooperatives in Ling village. Just an hour before the meeting, a businessman just bought more than 100 mutton sheep from them. This is also the first transaction since the establishment of the cooperative. In Ma Zhonglin’s eyes, this is a “big event” that can be recorded in the history of the village. He never thought that the mutton sheep raised according to the new scientific and technological method would be released two months in advance. < / P > < p > this year, the people’s Armed Forces Department of Dongxiang County invested nearly 1.3 million yuan to set up farmers’ breeding cooperatives in Ling village, introduced Hu sheep with high breeding rate from other places, and tumbo sheep with fast fattening, contacted agricultural and animal husbandry experts inside and outside the province for technical guidance for many times, and also led the masses to adopt the film culture method, pioneer around the mountains, and widely plant corn and potatoes needed for feed processing. < / P > < p > “the yield of potato and corn in our village is as high as 7000 Jin and 2500 Jin per mu respectively. The self-sufficient investment greatly reduces the feeding cost.” Ma Zhonglin said, “thank you and the PLA for making a good life for us.”. < / P > < p > mahasan, a big farmer in the village, has the same feeling: if the feed is not enough, the Ministry of human resources and military affairs will pull a cart for his family; if the cattle and sheep get sick, the Ministry of human resources and military affairs will coordinate experts to come to the door for guidance. < / P > < p > not long ago, 10 sheep in Maha’s three families died and got a one-time claim of 7000 yuan. “Fortunately, the Ministry of human resources and military helped me to insure the cattle and sheep in my family, which reduced the loss to the greatest extent.” He said. < / P > < p > in 2019, 32 sheep in Maha’s three families died. As soon as he buried the sick sheep, Shi Feng came to the door and advised him to insure the sheep. “It costs only 2.8 yuan to insure a sheep for one year. If you die of illness, you will get a claim of 700 yuan. ” After calculating an account, mahasan adopted Shi Feng’s suggestion. < / P > < p > “thank the PLA for saving my daughter’s life.” Mahoseni has a guilty face. At the end of August, he asked his 7-year-old daughter mazuliha to drop out of school and go home to herd sheep. “In the concept of generations, girls always have to get married when they grow up. It doesn’t matter whether they go to school or not.”. < / P > < p > after learning the news, Tang Zhanqi, the leader of the village work team of the county people’s Armed Forces Department, went to mahoseni’s home again and again, moved with emotion, explained with reason, and repeatedly persuaded him. Before the Thanksgiving meeting, Shifeng asked Ma yismeerli, a recognized “model of education” in Lingcun village, to cooperate and persuade mahoseni to do a good job in children’s education. In the end, mahoseni sent her daughter to school. < / P > < p > “our generation has suffered from blindness, and we can’t let the next generation follow our old path.” Due to his diploma, Ma Yi Si mo’erli had to go back to his hometown for farming because of limited development in big cities. Over the years, he has attached great importance to the education of his children. In his living room, half of the wall was covered with his daughter’s certificates. “The most proud thing every day is to appreciate the certificate of this half wall.” Said maysmoilly. < / P > < p > “in addition to the nine-year compulsory education, we also try our best to improve every student’s skill accomplishment and their employability.” Li Qingliang, Minister of the people’s Armed Forces Department of Dongxiang County, said that the people’s Armed Forces Department of Dongxiang County actively coordinated the training of some students who want to learn skills in technical schools in the county. The skills they learned include accounting, senior hotel operation and management and other more than 10 subjects. The length of schooling is from half a year to three years, free of charge within the semester. < / P > < p > the improvement of skills and literacy brings about obvious changes in employment. In recent years, most of the young people in Ling Village choose hotel management, electronic processing, financial information and other work platforms, and their footprints gradually extend to big cities. < / P > < p > “in addition to developing industries and improving the appearance of villages, the army’s poverty alleviation pays more attention to the renewal of villagers’ ideas.” Zou Xiaoqiang, the village committee of Ling village, said that the working team of the Ministry of people’s armed forces often publishes all kinds of new ideas and new thinking information in the information group of the village, actively guiding the villagers to keep up with the social trend. < / P > < p > not long ago, a micro video of “come and see the smile of Dongxiang compatriots in Huli District of Xiamen City” in the information group of Lingcun village was “hot” all over Fengshan Township. In the video, eight young workers dressed in Dongxiang costumes greet their compatriots thousands of miles away with a smile. < / P > < p > “after watching that video, I decided to support the two children to go outside. In the past, we were conservative and did not want to go outside. ” Ma yisagei, a villager, said that nowadays, all kinds of recruitment information are released every day in the group. Even middle-aged people like us want to look for opportunities in the first tier cities. As the sun is setting, the topic of villagers’ gratitude for poverty alleviation is getting more and more intense. “Thank you! Thank you, PLA Constantly from the Dongxiang courtyard across the mountains, floating to the distance.