Thai cabinet reshuffle list announced foreign minister promoted to Vice Premier

China News Agency, Bangkok, August 6, the Thai government’s gazetted website released a notice on the 6th, announcing the cabinet reshuffle list submitted by Prime Minister bayou to the king for approval. In this cabinet reshuffle, the most unexpected thing is that foreign minister Dun was promoted to Vice Premier and Minister of foreign affairs. Supatanapeng, former chairman of Thailand global chemical company, is the new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of energy. Other post adjustments include: the chairman of the Thai Bankers Association, Mr. pulidi, as Minister of finance; anucha, Secretary General of the people’s national power party, the core Party of the ruling coalition of Thailand, is the Minister of affairs of the prime minister’s office; Arney is the Minister of higher education, scientific research and innovation; Su Cha is the Minister of labor; and nalmon, the former spokesman of the prime minister’s office, is the Assistant Minister of labor.