Tesla Model y Europe will be equipped with 4680 batteries and German factory will become a technical test field

A few days ago, musk said on the overseas social platform that Germany’s Berlin super factory will be used as a test field for Tesla’s latest technologies in the future. Tesla’s latest technologies will be tested in Germany’s super factory first. Model y models in the European market will carry many of the latest technologies released on battery day, including 4680 new batteries. < / P > < p > recently, Elon Musk tweeted on the social platform. Tesla hopes to use the German factory as a test ground for all the technologies it demonstrates on Tesla battery day. The Berlin plant will be awarded Tesla’s most advanced paint shop ahead of the Fremont plant in the United States. < / P > < p > according to musk, model y in the European market will use 4680 cells, new battery packs, the latest chassis structure of large castings and innovative painting process. < / P > < p > musk also confirmed that LiFePO4 batteries will play an important role in mid-range vehicles and fixed energy storage equipment. In other words, these lithium iron phosphate batteries will be available in cars with a price of US $1, even in the hypothetical model y standard range. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are already being used in model 3 manufactured in Shanghai. < / P > < p > musk also said that the Berlin plant will test all these new technologies, and if the technologies pass the test, the Fremont plant in the United States and the Shanghai plant in China will follow up in two years. Given that the United States and China are Tesla’s largest markets, musk does not want to take risks in these markets. In a short time, it will continue to produce with current technology to ensure market supply. < / P > < p > although the European market is very important, there is little pressure on the capacity of German factories. If there are any problems in German factories, they can be supplied to Europe by Chinese or American factories. In other words, this is the safest place to test these new technologies.