Tesla lowered the price of model s once again, and the price of long-term version was lowered to $69420

A few days ago, we learned from Tesla’s official website that the price of the long-range model in the United States has been officially lowered to $69420, which is the second time Tesla announced the price reduction of model s this week. It is reported that in addition to the long-term version, the prices of other models remain unchanged. < / P > < p > on Tuesday, Tesla just lowered the price of the model s to $71990, and made another price reduction adjustment in less than a week. We guess that this is also a response to lucidmotors, which just announced the price of the entry-level model of lucid air. < / P > < p > the price adjustment of model s once again reflects Tesla’s consistent business philosophy, that is, spare no effort to reduce the threshold of owning and using Tesla models. After the price adjustment, the starting price of the model s will drop to $69420, which is also $480 cheaper than the entry-level lucid air. < / P > < p > of course, in addition to “demonstrating” to its rivals, Tesla values the increase of orders more. It is reported that Tesla aims to deliver more than 180000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2020, so it is the most important for Tesla to get more orders before the end of the year. If the Q4 sales target is achieved, Tesla will achieve its goal of delivering 500000 vehicles by 2020.