Terrorist attacks in France dissolve religious groups

French President Emmanuel Marcon said on the 20th that an organization named after the late leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Sheikh Yassin, would be dissolved on the 21st. The French government identified the group as “directly linked” to the killing of French teachers. The French Sheikh Yassin organization was founded in the early 21st century, and its founder, Abdel Hakim severie, is being detained and interrogated by French law enforcement agencies. Mcclon did not say how “directly related” the group was to the attack on French teachers. < p > < p > French Interior Minister Gerard dalmanin later told commercial FM television that sevrive was involved in the distribution and dissemination of a comment from parents of students, which was later fermented through social media, causing waves among religious groups and believers and inciting hatred of the killed teacher. In addition, severie has previously posted a video of an attack on a French teacher killed on a video website. < / P > < p > for the same reason, a pontine in the northeastern suburb of Paris was cleared for months. According to the notice at the entrance, violators of the closure rules will be sentenced to six months’ imprisonment. According to media reports, the student’s parents commented that his 13-year-old daughter told him that local high school history teacher samiel Patti had asked Muslim students to leave the classroom while showing students controversial religious cartoons. Patty later told the media that out of caution, he told religious students in advance that if they felt unwell, they could leave the classroom first. < p > < p > around 17:00 on the 16th, Patty was killed by a knife wielding murderer in the streets of the city of konfrang San onorine in the northwest suburb of Paris. The murderer was 18-year-old Russian Chechen man, abdela anzorov. Anzorov was subsequently shot and killed by police for resisting arrest nearby. On the night of the incident, mark long went to the school where the teacher was killed and denounced the incident. “Our citizens expect action, and these actions will be upgraded and strengthened,” said marcrone, who visited the outskirts of Paris on the 20th < / P > < p > the same cartoon was triggered in January 2015 against the French political satire magazine Charlie weekly. Two armed men broke into the “Charlie weekly” magazine, with submachine guns, killing 12 people. Al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula branch claimed to have launched an attack. < p > < p > on September 25, this year, two employees of the documentary production company were injured in a knife attack on the original site of Charlie weekly in the 11th district of Paris. In the case of Patty’s murder, most of his anger was accumulated through social media “facebook”, and public opinion focused on social media again. In a statement, Patty’s colleagues said they were deeply concerned about the impact of social networks as a “real disaster” for the teaching profession. < p > < p > the French government also promised to convict the act of disclosing other people’s information so as to endanger the safety of others. On the 20th, relevant government departments interviewed the French leaders of major social media to discuss the fight against cyber extremism. Along with Patty’s family and about 400 invited guests, Marcon will attend a commemorative event for Patty at Sorbonne University in Paris on the evening of 21st, and award him the French legion of honor.