“Terminator” tank support vehicle: Russia’s “new assistant” in ground operations

Recently, the Russian army tested the “terminator” tank support vehicle during the “caucasus-2020” strategic exercise, mainly to investigate the vehicle’s support ability to infantry and tanks in offensive and defensive operations, as well as the combat capability in the March. According to the test results, the Russian army will finally determine the position of the new tank support vehicle in ground operations. According to the news, Russia has produced dozens of “terminator” tank support vehicles for testing in the central and Eastern military regions. The vehicle can not only be used to support tank operations, but also to support motorized infantry. It can destroy enemy heavy and light armored vehicles, including anti tank missile systems and grenade launchers, attack machine gun fire points that threaten our own infantry, and protect infantry combat vehicles and armored transport vehicles. Russian experts say that the use of the “terminator” tank support vehicle can increase the firepower effectiveness of motorized infantry and tanks several times. “The terminator tank support vehicle is a new concept in the armored vehicle series, and there is no similar vehicle in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to study its role in joint operations of various arms, its position in formation, advantages and disadvantages of operation, etc. At present, it is believed that the tank support vehicle is mainly used to provide fire support for the first echelon of operations. It is necessary to further clarify how to achieve this operational goal. The “caucasus-2020″ strategic exercise provides an opportunity. ” As a matter of fact, the Russian army has been debating whether to need tank support vehicles for more than ten years. In 2017, the “terminator” tank support vehicle was transported to Syria to participate in the operation against “Islamic state” armed elements, and performed well in actual combat. Subsequently, the Russian Ministry of defense signed the first batch of purchase contracts. As early as the Soviet Union, the Soviet Army proposed to develop a combat vehicle that could support tanks in mountain and urban operations. After the first Chechen War, Russia began to study, and the prototype car appeared in 2013. Because of its powerful firepower, it is named “terminator”. The combat modules of the vehicle include two 30mm 2a42 fast firing automatic machine guns and coaxial 7.62mm machine guns, four anti tank missile launchers and two 30mm caliber automatic grenade launchers. Among them, the anti tank missile can penetrate tanks and armored vehicles within 6000 meters, and has the ability of supersonic flight, with obvious combat advantages. The “terminator” tank support vehicle adopts T-72 main battle tank chassis, which has good mobility and high safety, and the maximum road speed can reach 60 km / h. < / P > < p > in addition to strong attack firepower, terminator tank support vehicle also has high defense capability. On the basis of the original tank armor, the vehicle is equipped with chassis armor and front reaction armor. In addition, due to the large number of ammunition carried, the vehicle can support combat operations for a long time. So far, many countries have signed the purchase contract.