Tens of thousands of South Korean doctors plan to go on strike for three days to protest against the government’s health care reform plan

South Korea’s tens of thousands of doctors plan to go on strike for three days on August 26 to protest against the government’s plan to expand the enrollment of medical schools and other medical reform plans. According to the Korean Medical Association and Japan’s Medical Association, there will be a 3-day strike against the expansion of the number of doctors and doctors in the Korean Medical Association, which has a total of 250000 doctors. South Korean doctors have accused the government of making “rash unilateral decisions”. They believe that there are enough medical staff in South Korea, and existing doctors should be paid more. In July, the South Korean government announced that it plans to increase the annual enrollment quota of 3058 medical schools by about 400 in the next 10 years. At the same time, rewards will be given to students majoring in epidemiology and other low paid majors as well as students who volunteer to work in public health in rural areas. In protest against the South Korean government’s health care reform plan, the 16000 member Korean intern Association organized interns to take the lead in a one-day strike on August 7, asking the government to invest more money to improve the salaries of existing doctors. Two weeks later, a large number of interns went on strike again. The Korean Medical Association warned that if the government does not cancel the reform plan, more doctors will strike on the 26th. In response, the South Korean government said it would temporarily shelve health care reform until the new crown epidemic was fully controlled. South Korean doctors are dissatisfied with the government’s stance. In response to a possible large-scale doctor strike, the South Korean government is launching an emergency medical service and opening emergency diagnosis and treatment system in several public medical centers, South Korea’s Radio International reported on the 25th. The South Korean government urged doctors to cancel the strike and solve the problem through dialogue. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been added to

for Twelfth consecutive days. From 0:00 on the 24th to 0:00 on the 25th, 280 new cases were confirmed in South Korea, and more than 200 cases were added in a single day for the eighth consecutive day.