Tens of thousands of people were benefited by the “platinum 10 minutes” program in the fourth medical center of the General Hospital of the Chinese PLA

On the morning of October 1010 in Beijing, the 11th National “platinum 10 minutes of first aid – national self rescue and mutual rescue day” was held in the medical square of the fourth medical center of the General Hospital of the Chinese PLA. < / P > < p > at the scene of the activity, the medical staff taught how to quickly and correctly identify the loss of consciousness of the patients and how to call for help. At the same time, they issued self-help and mutual help brochures with illustrations and easy to understand. The medical staff practiced cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration, hemostatic bandage, and taught officers and soldiers and local patients how to relieve airway foreign body obstruction. < p > < p > tens of thousands of volunteers from more than 600 relevant institutions in more than 220 cities in 31 provinces participated in the public welfare activities of self-help and mutual aid at the same time. < / P > < p > as the earliest “war trauma surgical treatment center” of the whole army, the fourth medical center of the General Hospital of the Chinese PLA has always firmly established the guidance of military training and preparation, and has made war wound rescue as a key research topic, and has made many innovative achievements in integrating the army with the people. < p > < p > as the initiator of platinum 10 minutes national self-help and mutual rescue volunteer service alliance, he Zhongjie, chief physician of Critical Medicine Department of the medical center, formally proposed the concept of “platinum ten minutes” in the lecture of “trauma first aid” held in Beijing in 1998. He said the concept originated from his experience as a first-aid doctor in the battlefield, who was responsible for rescuing the wounded in the cat’s ear cave. In the face of combat casualties, he Zhongjie deeply realized that if the wounded can be effectively treated in the early stage after trauma, the probability of successful treatment in the later stage can be greatly improved. After decades of hard work, he Zhongjie successfully led the team to develop the “platinum 10 minutes” self rescue and mutual rescue technical standards. < / P > < p > in order to promote the popularization of relevant achievements to grass-roots officers and soldiers and transform them into actual medical service capabilities, he Zhongjie and medical staff went to the front-line forces, and accumulated to teach tens of thousands of officers and soldiers the knowledge and related skills of war wound rescue. At the same time, they also actively spread first-aid knowledge to the people of all ethnic groups and people of all walks of life, organized voluntary services into parks, communities and streets, and introduced the “platinum 10 minutes” rescue concept to the whole society, and the great significance of science popularization self-help and mutual aid. < / P > < p > in order to implement the concept of “platinum 10 minutes” and better serve the combat effectiveness, he has also developed a variety of supporting medical devices. The “portable cricothyroid membrane puncture needle” which can be hung on the key chain can strive for the biggest rescue opportunity for the injured with foreign body in difficult airway; “ejection type disposable bone marrow infusion set” can pop up the needle as long as the button is gently pulled, which can ensure that the drug reaches the circulation system in 10 seconds, so as to win precious time for rescuing the life of critically injured patients. < / P > < p > “it is impossible to have military doctors everywhere in the real battlefield. The first link in the rescue chain after injury is to carry out correct self-help and mutual aid!” After listening to he Zhongjie’s lecture, the officers and soldiers learned a lot.