Tens of thousands of people protest against “American Nightmare” in Washington

On August 28 local time, tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington, D.C., to hold the largest demonstration in Washington since the outbreak of the epidemic. Protestors gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial to denounce the recent series of vicious incidents of American police’s violent law enforcement against African Americans and call for ethnic equality. < / P > < p > the US media pointed out that the parade is the 57th anniversary of the famous speech “I have a dream” delivered by Martin Luther King, the leader of the civil rights movement, while the United States is now in a “nightmare”. At the same time, the media criticized that although there were strong public protests against racial discrimination and police violence, the performance of the White House and the US government was “heartbreaking”. < / P > < p > the parade was held at the call of Al Sharpton, an African American Baptist priest and an older generation of civil rights leaders. The theme of the March is “get your knees off our necks”, protesting the recent vicious incidents of police racial discrimination, violent law enforcement and even the killing of African Americans. < / P > < p > many victims’ families were invited to participate in the demonstration, including Jacob Blake, George Freud, Rashad Brooks, Ahmed arborey, Trevor Martin, Eric Garner and other families of victims of police violence law enforcement. Speaking at the Lincoln Memorial, Sharpton called: “we need to launch a protest against racism in Washington on the theme of” get your knees off our necks “< / P > < p > Martin III, the son of black leader Martin Luther King, also made a speech at the rally on that day. He said that the American people are now in a “broken” society. Although it is the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, the United States is now in a “nightmare” and “democracy is now locked in the throat by the knee.”. < / P > < p > the people participating in the March said that the current discrimination and injustice in the United States must be “made public” and questioned by the people, “this is not only a struggle between two races”, but also related to future generations. In order for the next generation to live in safety, the United States “must make changes”. < / P > < p > Freud, an African American civilian, was subjected to violent law enforcement in Minnesota on May 25 this year. White police put their knees against his neck for nine minutes and finally suffocated to death. The incident triggered large-scale protests across the United States, and major cities joined in the fight for equal rights in support of African Americans. However, one wave did not come to an end, and another started again. Serious violent law enforcement incidents occurred again on August 23. On the same day, Jacob Blake, an African American resident in Kenosha, Wisconsin, opened the car door with his back to the police. He was shot at least seven times and fell in front of his three children and fiancee. < / P > < p > after the incident was exposed, protests broke out immediately in kinosha, and the confrontation between the protestors and the police escalated sharply. As of August 26, the chaos in kinosha city has lasted for three days, and many buildings in the city have been burned down. In addition, demonstrations broke out in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, etc. According to media reports, about 50000 people took part in the march in Washington on that day. < p > < p > although NBA teams used such a high-profile way to arouse people’s attention to civil rights movement and social injustice, senior White House officials even disdained to comment on it, saying that the players’ protest was “absurd” and “stupid”. Mark short, former White House chief of legislative affairs and chief of staff of vice president Mike burns, told the media that the White House would not have any official comment on such an incident. “In my opinion, it’s ridiculous, it’s stupid,” short said. If they want to protest, we don’t care. ” < / P > < p > Capitol Hill reported that presidential candidate Joe Biden and running mate camara Harris had a telephone conversation with the victim’s father. However, not only did trump not mention Blake at all in his speech at the Republican National Congress on August 27, but also until August 28, the families of the victims did not hear any sympathy from Trump. Blake’s father told reporters: “if I have to tell him personally what I want him to do, it doesn’t matter, because even then, it’s not from his heart.”