Tank 300 announced more information parameters will be pre sold at Beijing Auto Show

Great Wall Motors recently announced more information parameters of tank 300, which will be pre sold at the Beijing auto show next week. The new car uses an off-road chassis with three locks, tank turning, creeping mode and other off-road configurations, as well as nine driving modes. < / P > < p > 300 “represents the” 3 “cross-country weapon equipped with” three locks “, tank turning and creeping mode; the exclusive non load carrying body, unique chassis perspective function of the same level and up to 9 driving modes of professional off-road, so that users with” 0 “foundation can also enjoy professional off-road fun; in addition, intelligent driving, intelligent Internet connection, intelligent cross-country and immersion are also included Science and technology cockpit and other advanced technologies will provide users with “0” threshold intelligent luxury experience. < / P > < p > the tank 300 uses bog Warner’s electronic time-sharing four-wheel drive system. The low-speed four-wheel drive can enlarge the torque by 2.48 times, and the first gear ratio of the eight speed automatic transmission is as high as 5.0. The nine driving modes include: two wheel drive standard (2H), four-wheel drive standard (4h), four-wheel drive snow (4h), 4L (standard, concave convex Road, sand, mountain, rock) and expert function. In addition, it can also provide panoramic and panoramic information of the vehicle chassis. According to the previous data, the length, width and height of tank 300 are 4720 mm / 1930 mm / 1927 mm, and the wheelbase is 2750 mm. In terms of power, it will be equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine with a maximum power of 167kw and a peak torque of 387nm.