Tangshan creates a new platform for veterans’ Entrepreneurship and employment

In early December, at the 2020 winter special recruitment fair for veterans in Tangshan City, Hebei Province, the veterans and military dependents who participated in the fair were pleasantly surprised to find that many persons in charge of recruitment enterprises were also veterans. < / P > < p > “this is the result of Tangshan city’s joint efforts to build a platform for business incubation base in the past two years to support veterans’ entrepreneurship.” Han Hongliang, commander of Tangshan military division, said that in 2019, Tangshan was identified as a pilot city for the construction of business incubation base for retired soldiers in Hebei Province. The military division of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government firmly seized this opportunity and worked together to build a platform of “one park and four bases” for retired soldiers to return to their hometown, business incubation base, employment base, education and training base and internship training base, so as to build a retired army A new platform for entrepreneurship and employment. < / P > < p > in Tangshan junchuangjiayuan business incubation base, the slogan “the train of life changes here, and the glory of the military continues here” is conspicuous. This base provides business incubation services for Tangshan city’s self employment military cadres, self employment veterans and unemployed military dependents. With its unique advantages, the base has attracted 46 enterprises founded by veterans to sign contracts to settle in within two years, providing jobs for more than 300 veterans. < / P > < p > Deng Peng, the person in charge of the base and a cadre of independent career selection and military transfer, said that many veterans are “acclimatized” when they go back to the local areas, and they just want to help these veterans solve their problems. < / P > < p > Liu Junli is one of the beneficiaries. After retiring from the armed police force in 2010, Liu Junli has gone through ups and downs in the commercial sea and finally found his “home” here. He told me that in junchuangyuan, you can not only enjoy free office space, meeting rooms and other high-quality hardware, but also get a lot of “soft” services. < / P > < p > “junchuangyuan not only provides relatively complete entrepreneurial policy consultation, but also assists in the registration and change procedures of enterprises, provides financial agency, financing services, patent application, legal aid and other services, and actively coordinates with relevant departments to implement various tax relief, entrepreneurial guarantee, interest free loan and other services.” Liu Junli said, “here, I found the general feeling of home.” < / P > < p > “one park and four bases” have set up a team of entrepreneurial tutors to provide professional services such as entrepreneurial training, talent training, business management guidance, entrepreneurial project promotion and entrepreneurial information consultation for incubation objects. Zuoqi has always been a training pacesetter in the army, but after retiring from the army, it has repeatedly failed to start a business. Later, with the help of entrepreneurial tutors, he used his own advantages to set up an enterprise to undertake employee training, and his career gradually opened up. < / P > < p > “veterans, especially those who choose their own jobs and are transferred from military to civilian cadres, are valuable talents cultivated by the state. Their difficulties in employment and entrepreneurship are mostly due to their own” ability panic. ” Wang Dong, a member of the fourth grade section chief of the employment and entrepreneurship Department of the Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs, said that in order to improve the employment and entrepreneurship ability of veterans, in July 2019, Tangshan established the first veterans Education College in China, realizing the connection between academic education and vocational education, skill training and on-the-job training. This year, they participated in the “100 day free online skills training action” relying on 4 retired soldiers from different lines, identified 6 vocational skills training institutions for retired soldiers, added 9 specialties such as e-commerce, and attracted 390 people to enroll. Except for a few retired soldiers who participated in the training to return to school, the rest recommended employment. < / P > < p > up to now, the city has established 8 business incubation bases for veterans, 73 employment bases, 60 education and training bases, and 15 return home business parks. These bases and pioneer parks have helped nearly 400 veterans start businesses successfully and provided jobs for more than 2300 veterans. Incubation, training and employment form an organic whole, which promotes the continuous development of entrepreneurship and employment of retired soldiers in Tangshan and becomes a multiplier for the development, entrepreneurship and employment of retired soldiers.