Tan Desai: young people play an important role in preventing the spread of the epidemic

Covid-19, August 12th, Geneva WHO director general Tan Desai said 12 days ago that although most young people are not a high-risk group in the new crown, they play an important role in preventing the spread of

and share common responsibilities.

Tan Desai spoke covid-19 with the online forum of “World Youth Day” co sponsored by UNESCO and the United Nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization, to affirm the collective action of young people, youth organizations and youth networks around the world during the new crown epidemic. < / P > < p > tandesay said that although the risk of most young people suffering from serious diseases during the new crown pandemic is not high, global public health emergencies and disease outbreaks may become more common in the future, so young people need to be helped to play an important role in the future. < / P > < p > he called on all organizations and governments to listen to the opinions of young people, encourage them to participate in and empower them to become partners in the prevention and control of the epidemic, call on all countries to let young people play a greater role in political decision-making, because in the face of today’s and future health challenges, young people’s participation is crucial, and encourage young people to “think boldly and bravely” Dare to act “because the world depends on their creativity and new ideas. Covid-19,

has recently seen a rebound in many new global crown epidemics. A new feature of the epidemic is the rising proportion of young people, and even the highest infection rate in some countries and regions. According to who, one of the reasons for the surge in confirmed cases in some countries is that young people have “relaxed their vigilance.”. The agency and multinational experts warned that young people are also susceptible to the new coronavirus, and must strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations as other age groups.