Talat jafiri was re elected speaker of the parliament of northern Macedonia

Talat jafiri, the current speaker of the northern Macedonian parliament, was re elected as speaker by 62 votes in favor and 43 votes against it. Jafiri was elected president of the northern Macedonian parliament in 2017 and is the first ethnic Albanian in northern Macedonia to take up the post. In October 2019, the negotiation process between northern Macedonian and the European Union was frustrated. In order to promote the early opening of the talks on joining the league, the political parties in northern Macedonia have reached an agreement and decided to hold parliamentary elections ahead of schedule on April 12 this year. However, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the parliamentary election was postponed to July 15. In the current parliamentary election, the political party alliance formed by the Macedonian Social Democratic League and the “besa” movement won by a simple majority and won 46 seats in the 120 seat Parliament. Due to the failure to obtain the 61 seats needed to form a cabinet separately, the political party alliance decided to form a government with the Arab League for the integration of democracy and the ethnic group, while Talat jafiri was an important member of the alliance.