Syrian religious leader killed in car bomb attack

Damascus October 22 according to Syrian official media reports, Syrian religious leader mufti Sheikh Muhammad Adnan afioni of Damascus region was killed after a car bomb attack in Damascus on the night of 22. < p > < p > the Syrian news agency quoted a statement from the Syrian religious affairs department as saying that the attack occurred near a mosque in the town of kudesia, a suburb of Damascus, the Syrian capital. The car in which afiouni was riding was equipped with an explosive device in advance, and the attacker detonated the car, resulting in his death. In a statement, Syria’s religious authorities called the incident “a crime.”. No organization or individual has claimed to have created the attack. In the report, the Syrian News Agency pointed out that Sheikh afiouni was mufti in Damascus and surrounding rural areas, and one of the most important religious scholars in Syria and even in the Islamic world. According to the “Syrian Human Rights Watch”, which is headquartered in the United Kingdom, afioni is one of the Syrian religious figures who have the closest relationship with Syrian President Bashar al Assad, and played a mediating role in the reconciliation process between Syrian government forces and opposition organizations in Damascus suburbs.