Syndrome differentiation and treatment highlights the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in anti epidemic

On November 18, Beijing, recently published a paper entitled “efficacy of Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills and Lianhua Qingwen granules in the treatment of covid-19: a randomized controlled trial”. As the main participant of the paper, Lian Fengmei, doctoral supervisor of Guang’anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, recently visited Xinhua “health lecture hall” to share the research results and other relevant information.

novel coronavirus pneumonia is a consensus of the experts in the new crown pneumonia diagnosis and treatment guideline. But it is an expert consensus, but is there no evidence support? Lian Fengmei, according to the introduction of the new formula, is a new Chinese patent medicine. Given this consideration, the research theory is discussed from the perspective of “cold dampness epidemic”.

Lian Fengmei said the novel coronavirus pneumonia had certain advantages in the condition of blocking the condition of the new crown pneumonia, and the best way to improve the patient’s condition was to add the best of the two ingredients.

mentioned in the novel coronavirus pneumonia pills, this Chinese patent medicine, Lian Fengmei said, first of all, Lianhua Qingwen, which is mentioned in the study, is good at detoxification and clearing heat, and Huxiang good Qi dripping pills are mainly dampness, which contains the ingredients such as patchouli, Angelica dahurica, magnolia bark, etc. are all dampness clearing drugs. Besides, Huxiang has not only the effect of relieving dampness and dampness, but also the characteristics of Qi and Zhong, and many new crown pneumonia patients. Huoxiang Zhengqi dripping pills have a good effect on gastrointestinal tract discomfort. Secondly, Houpu in Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills has a great effect on eliminating dampness in gastrointestinal tract; thirdly, Perilla frutescens, Angelica dahurica, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae and poria cocos contained in Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills have good dampness eliminating effect, and the whole prescription is mainly to invigorate spleen and remove dampness. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has great advantages and benefits in improving the condition of patients with new crown pneumonia. Lian Fengmei pointed out that from the perspective of network pharmacology, it was found that some components in Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills also affected various pathological links of the formation of new coronavirus, such as the impact on human immunity and virus replication, but the specific pathway needs further study.