Suzuki swace releases the second model of Toyota Suzuki strategic alliance based on corolla travel

Recently, Suzuki brand officially released a new model swace in overseas markets, which is the second model launched after Toyota Suzuki strategic alliance. The new car is based on < / P > < p > previously, we have reported that Suzuki’s across model is based on Toyota’s RAV4 plug-in hybrid model, while this swace is based on travel, which is more appropriate than “based on” or “labeling”. < / P > < p > the appearance of swace is highly consistent with that of Carola, only different in the front surround. It uses the honeycomb air intake grille of Suzuki’s traditional sports style, and the logo of the front of the car is changed to Suzuki brand. In terms of power, it uses the same 1.8-liter hybrid system as the corolla, the power output is not confirmed (120 horsepower of corolla), and the 0-100km / h acceleration time is 11.1s. Like Carola, swace has a dedicated EV mode for pure electric driving. It is understood that swace will not use corolla’s more powerful 2.0-liter hybrid powertrain. < / P > < p > in the interior part, the difference between the two vehicles is smaller. Except for the slight difference in the steering wheel, the layout of the instrument panel and the center console is basically the same, and the trunk capacity is 596 L. Suzuki swace will be equipped with 8.0-inch touch screen infotainment system on corolla as standard, support Android auto and apple Carplay, as well as wireless smartphone charging function. < / P > < p > Suzuki swace will be produced together with Toyota in burneston, Derbyshire, UK. The price is likely to be in line with that of the corolla station wagon campaign, which starts at 27000 pounds (235000 yuan) in the UK market. In the future, Suzuki swace is mainly sold in the European market and is expected to be listed within the year.