Sure enough, behind the riots in Belarus

“The riots in Belarus were planned and organized by the United States and instigated by Europe.” On the 21st, Belarusian president Lukashenko denounced Europe and the United States as behind the scenes of the riots in Minsk state when he inspected the “dzerzinski” agricultural complex. He also promised to take tough measures to stabilize the domestic situation in the near future. According to the Belarusian news agency reported on the 21st, Lukashenko said that the United States planned and directed the riots in Belarus, while Europe was responsible for the implementation. In addition to inciting public indignation in Belarus, external forces also intended to use force. NATO’s military exercise is not accidental, it is preparing for the invasion of Belarus if necessary. The western countries want to establish the Baltic Black Sea corridor for Russia and the “epidemic prevention line” composed of the three Baltic countries, Ukraine and Belarus. Russian President’s press secretary Peskov said on the 21st that if Lukashenko asked, Russia would provide help to coordinate the Belarusian government and opposition parties. On the same day, Lukashenko said in response to French President Marcon’s remarks that he was ready to mediate between the government of Belarus and the opposition, “he wants to mediate the negotiations in Belarus. Well, first of all, let me be the middleman in the negotiation between yellow vest and Marcon Bihanovskaya, the main opposition figure in Belarus, again called for the scale of the demonstration to be expanded, not to be intimidated by the government’s action, and said that he would return to Belarus when he felt safe. The procurator general of Belarus said on the 20th that a criminal case had been filed on the establishment of a Coordinating Committee for the white opposition. According to Lukashenko, the situation in Belarus has been politicized, but it should not be regarded as catastrophic. He will resolve the domestic situation in the next few days and has no intention of implementing a state of emergency in the country for the time being. In addition, Lukashenko also instructed the Ministry of defense to monitor the operations of NATO forces in Poland and Lithuania, and to put the forces on the western border into full combat readiness, keeping an eye on the situation in the region. Lukashenko also plans to go to the Grodno area on the 22nd to inspect the military exercises held there.