Sun Shaocheng: focus on promoting the construction of “three systems” of Veterans Affairs System

Beijing, November 30: focus on promoting the “three systems” construction of the Veterans Affairs System. < / P > < p > sun Shaocheng: the construction of “three systems” is the general requirement, task and grasp of deepening the reform and development of Veterans Affairs. Over the past two years since the establishment of the Department of Veterans Affairs, it has thoroughly implemented General Secretary Xi’s important instructions on the work of veterans and the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee. Under the guidance of the construction of “three systems”, it has strengthened the top-level planning, laid a solid foundation for construction, promoted the implementation of the work, made comprehensive efforts and made breakthroughs in many aspects, and achieved the foundation, innovation and steady development of the work of veterans. < p > < p > sun Shaocheng: over the past two years, centering on the goal of “establishing and improving a centralized and unified management and security system for ex servicemen with clear responsibilities”, we have adjusted and established administrative institutions, established and improved a service and security system, extensively mobilized social forces, and basically built an organization and management system in which the “three carriages” go hand in hand and work in the same direction. With regard to administrative organs, less than a year after the Ministry of Veterans Affairs was listed, more than 3200 organizations above the county level were all set up, and soon realized substantive and standardized operation. As for the service system, in accordance with the important instructions of General Secretary Xi, more than 640000 six level service centers have been built from the state to the villages, more than 4000 public institutions have been promoted to complete the transition, training centers for ex servicemen have been established, information centers for ex servicemen and protection centers for Martyrs Memorial facilities have been established, and the service guarantee network from the horizontal to the edge and from the vertical to the bottom has been gradually improved. With regard to social forces, we transferred to receive four national social organizations including the China veterans care foundation, guided the establishment of 358 corresponding social organizations below the provincial level, signed contracts with 66 enterprises such as Vanke, poly and SF, and provided more than 200000 high-quality jobs for veterans. < p > < p > sun Shaocheng: in order to form a joint force, the leading bodies of retired servicemen affairs work of Party committees at all levels in all localities have strengthened the cohesion of mechanisms such as Party committees’ discussion on the army, supporting the army, giving preferential treatment to their families, supporting the government and loving the people, insisted on collective research on major issues and coordinated promotion of key work, established and implemented the “double list” system of mutual support needs between the army and the local government, improved and innovated the management and inspection and assessment methods of “double support” establishment, and formed a new system Joint efforts will be made to achieve a good situation in the work of veterans. < / P > < p > with the support and cooperation of various departments, we completed the data collection task of tens of millions of veterans in just over one year, established the national basic information database, and realized the R & D integration of 28 business information systems. At the same time, we vigorously promote the “Internet plus Veterans Service” to serve meticulously and effectively in employment, entrepreneurship, preferential treatment, reward, compliment, service, rights and interests. < / P > < p > in order to strengthen the main responsibility of implementation, we promote the work of veterans to be included in the annual work performance and leadership evaluation of Party committees and governments at all levels, and included in the evaluation scope of Ping’an China construction. As an important part of the evaluation of double support model city, we form a closed loop of task deployment, supervision and inspection, accountability, rectification and implementation. < p > < p > in the past two years, the Veterans Affairs system has insisted on establishing institutions, promoting work, and improving the mechanism, and gradually established a systematic linkage, military and local joint efforts, standardized and orderly operation system of Veterans Affairs, and the governance efficiency has been greatly improved. Up to now, more than 1530 important instructions and important matters have been handled, so that everything can be settled and every item can be echoed; 14400 items have been supervised and handled nationwide, and 13200 items have been resolved, with a resolution rate of 91.7%. < p > < p > sun Shaocheng: the policy system is a fundamental and overall issue related to the development of veterans. Over the past two years, we have focused on the urgent need for reform, the urgent need for work, and the urgent expectation of veterans. We have changed from the “fragmentation” and “patching” approach to the overall design, remodeling and reconstruction, and accelerated the construction of the policy system for veterans. At present, the security law for retired servicemen has been promulgated, 52 policy documents have been issued at the central level, and nearly 600 detailed policies and measures have been issued to guide local governments, gradually building up the “four pillars and eight pillars” of the policy system for retired servicemen. < / P > < p > in terms of the resettlement of retired soldiers, we should explore the establishment of post collection system, implement the “sunshine resettlement” mechanism, and promote the “through train” resettlement mode, so as to ensure the smooth transfer and proper resettlement of nearly one million retired soldiers in the past two years. At the same time, we should focus on the problems of the rear road, future generations and backyard that are highly concerned by the vast number of officers and soldiers, improve the relevant policies and systems, study and formulate plans and institutional measures for the transfer and resettlement of retired, sick and disabled personnel in the stranded troops, and actively seek to win, reduce the burden and solve the worries of the troops. < / P > < p > in terms of preferential treatment and pension, it is necessary to establish a natural growth mechanism for the treatment standard of preferential treatment objects, issue preferential treatment work opinions, make clear the catalogue list of life, pension, medical care, housing, education, etc., so that all kinds of service objects can get preferential treatment; promote the relevant departments in various regions to apply for pension medical insurance for more than 2.9 million retired soldiers; and establish a long-term assistance system for retired soldiers in difficulties Mechanism, the establishment of veterans care fund, to help veterans in real difficulties, feel the party and the government’s care and warmth. < / P > < p > in respect of respect and praise, we should promote the protection of heroes and martyrs into the party and state meritorious honor recognition system, and all model recognition, double support recognition and advanced recognition in the field of Veterans Affairs should be included in the national recognition program; we should invite model veterans to participate in the party and state grand ceremony activities to realize institutionalization, and veterans should participate in major activities to realize standardization of dress, so as to promote the development of the country “The most beautiful veterans” as the advanced model of brand publicity to achieve normalization. < / P > < p > the construction of “three systems” is a long-term task. Due to the short construction time of the system, the contradictions of new team, weak foundation and heavy burden are prominent, and there is still room for improvement. At present, the 13th five year plan is coming to an end, and the 14th five year plan is about to start. Standing at the historical intersection of the two centenary goals, the Veterans Affairs system will continue to adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, study and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on the work of veterans, based on the construction of the development pattern of the work of veterans, and focus on the work of veterans The law on the protection of retired servicemen has been implemented to comprehensively improve the modernization level of the governance system and governance capacity of retired servicemen’s affairs, provide accurate and intimate services for retired servicemen, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of servicemen and their families, and spare no effort to guarantee and play a good role in the services of the vast number of retired servicemen, so as to make contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the second Centennial goal Positive contribution.