Sun Jingkun, a 96 year old volunteer soldier, is willing to devote his life to poverty

Sun Jingkun, a 96 year old volunteer soldier, has a great reputation and is willing to devote his whole life to poverty. < p > < p > with the help of his family, he sat up from the hospital bed and couldn’t speak clearly. But when he heard the familiar melody of the battle song of the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army, he suddenly and forcefully put on his old white military cap, paid homage to the standard military etiquette, and was resolute and resolute. This is sun Jingkun, a 96 year old soldier of the 3rd Battalion and 7th company of the 357th regiment of the 419th division of the 40th army of the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army (CPVA), who has been to the Korean battlefield for three times, won the medal of honor of the first-class Korean soldier, met by Kim Il Sung, leader of the DPRK, and received cordially by the chairman and other central leaders in 1953! The length of a person’s life is limited, but the life of a hero of the Republic, who has established great contributions to the motherland and the people, can go beyond the length of life and expand the width of life. < / P > < p > “after the battle, many of our comrades in arms were killed, and the position was stained red with blood. Finally, only four of us were left.” Recalling his comrades in arms who fought side by side 68 years ago, sun Jingkun has tears in his eyes. After paying a huge price, sun Jingkun’s troops captured 161 highland, a solid ring defense position that the first division of the US Army’s ace army had been working hard for more than a year. In October 1950, sun Jingkun, who had withdrawn from the Hainan battlefield, joined the army in the Korean War, and soon launched a fierce battle with the U.S. military in the longshuidong area of Korea. The former sun Jingkun was shot in the leg and was sent back to Dandong for treatment. < / P > < p > “having been injured for more than a month, I always think of the troops and comrades fighting in the Korean battlefield.” Sun Jingkun crossed the Yalu River to the front for the second time. After entering the Dynasty again, sun Jingkun did not find the old army, so he had to return home for the second time. When he finally found out the whereabouts of the old army, he entered the DPRK for the third time. On October 27, 1952, sun Jingkun broke into the headquarters of the Third Battalion of the 357 regiment and asked to join the war. The battalion commander immediately ordered him to reinforce the 161 heights. At that time, only the deputy company commander Zhi Quansheng and five soldiers were left in the 8th company of the 3rd Battalion in the position. They had already held the blasting barrel and grenade in their arms and were ready to die with the enemy at any time. < p > < p > Deputy platoon commander sun Jingkun led nine soldiers of the battalion, one carrying a box of hand grenades, and used the enemy’s firepower dead angle to bravely and wisely rushed to 161 heights. < p > < p > “Laosun, you are coming Zhi Quansheng, covered with blood and injured in many places, gave a shout. Sun Jingkun quickly carried him into the tunnel, dressing his wounds while inspecting the position. < p > < p > sun Jingkun saw that the whole highland was full of gunpowder and corpses. Just at this time, a group of US troops in helmets, armed with carbines, rushed to the position. < / P > < p > “during the fourth counterattack, two enemies came to me from the side under the cover of smoke, two or three meters away from me.” Sun Jingkun held up the “water linked beads” rifle, “bang, bang” two sound, the enemy fell. In this battle, sun Jingkun and his comrades in arms attacked the enemy six times in a row, holding the position, but at great sacrifice. He said that over the years, he most missed his comrades in arms who died in the battlefield. The battle was an important part of the autumn tactical counterattack launched by the volunteer army in 1952, which strongly supported the famous Shangganling campaign. In 1953, sun Jingkun was awarded the first-class soldier Medal of honor at the ceremony held in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to commemorate the third anniversary of the war of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea, and was cordially received by the Chinese delegation and Kim Il Sung. Later, I returned with the volunteer delegation and was cordially received by Chairman Mao Recalling that scene, sun Jingkun is still excited. < p > < p > today, the smoke of gunpowder has gone, but sun Jingkun has left more than 20 scars. “There’s still a bullet left in the leg.” He said, pointing to a piece of blackened skin on his leg. When demobilized in 1955, sun Jingkun gave up the opportunity to stay in the city and chose to go back to his hometown, Jinshan Town, Yuanbao District, Dandong City, Liaoning Province. When talking about this choice, sun Jingkun said: “who calls me a member? As long as you can do something for the common people, it’s the same in any post. ” In 1947, sun Jingkun joined the army and took part in the Siping campaign, Liaoshen campaign, Pingjin campaign and the liberation of Changsha and Hainan Island. In 1949, he joined China with honor. < / P > < p > “if you join the party, you should keep in mind the original intention and mission of Party members.” Sun Jingkun said, “if you think about those comrades in arms who died on the battlefield, what qualifications do I have to be choosy? Do whatever the party says On the third day of his return to his hometown, sun Jingkun took up farm tools to work in the production team, and soon became the production team leader. He led the villagers to vigorously carry out grain and vegetable production and the construction of mountain villages. In a few years, he planted 130000 pine and chestnut trees in his hometown Guntuling, and built dams to transform farmland. Over the past few decades, small earth dams have become solid river dams to protect the lives and property of people on both sides of the Strait. There is a river in Shancheng village, which is inundated by floods and erodes the land all the year round. He took his fellow villagers to block the river to make farmland, and transformed more than 100 mu of cultivated land During his tenure as a village cadre, sun Jingkun remained loyal and responsible. During the natural disasters of the past three years, all the men, women, old and young of the whole team had to go to the canteen to eat, and all the farmers’ private plots were taken back to the production team. At that time, he was the director of the operation area of the ancient city of Hongqi commune. Considering that some old people, children and disabled people with disabilities might not be able to eat, he insisted on putting forward different opinions, and was dismissed as the director of the operation area. It was not until 1963 that he was rehabilitated and reinstated. In order to help the villagers get rid of poverty and become rich as soon as possible, in 1984, sun Jingkun organized the villagers to set up a common prosperity group and a poverty alleviation and prosperity group, and redistributed the 40 mu land allocated to himself to five poor households who moved from Heilongjiang Province. During his decades of farming in his hometown, sun Jingkun has been highly praised by the masses for his deep concealment of his fighting achievements, bearing hardships first, seeking no enjoyment, and never striving for fame and profit. The villagers did not know that sun Jingkun had made great achievements in the war, but they felt that he was a party member, had been on the battlefield, and was politically sound and reliable. Liu Yuhui, a villager of Shancheng village, said: “this old man is very kind, kind and just. We have a good life now. We have to thank him.” < / P > < p > “there are a lot of captured aircraft cannons over there. I’m very interested.” Zhang Desheng said, “there is a page about sun Jingkun, deputy platoon commander fighting in a critical moment. I thought, isn’t this our second uncle?” < / P > < p > “as soon as he reads the book, let me read it to him.” Zhang Desheng recalled, “I was shocked at that time. This old hero is around us. He never talks about it.” In January 1948, sun Jingkun, 24, bid farewell to his wife, who was only five days old, and resolutely joined the Chinese people’s Liberation Army in January 1948. Sun Jingkun told his family: “since the day I joined the revolution, I have never thought about what is loss, what is good, and what I want to make a profit at all.” < p > < p > sun Jingkun told Cai Baojun, deputy secretary of the village Party branch, “it’s good that I can come back alive. Think about how many comrades in arms have died in the battlefield, and the dead people have nothing to enjoy. What do I need to enjoy when I come back alive?” Sun Meili, the eldest daughter, said that her father had been captain of the production team for more than 20 years. Whenever there was a recruitment unit, her father did not hesitate to give the opportunity to others. There are seven brothers and sisters in the family. Except for the two younger brothers who normally serve as soldiers and recruit workers, the rest are farmers. Sun Meili once did not understand. Later, she gradually understood that her father, who had experienced life and death, always wanted to give back more to the society. “He is living for his comrades in arms!” Sun Jingkun suffered from a serious stomach disease. Every time he got sick, he only took two pills to top one. He had a heart attack and borrowed money for stent surgery. A few years ago, he was hospitalized for surgery and was short of money. His family was strictly ordered not to speak to the government but to borrow from relatives as much as possible. Sun Jingkun has always lived with sun Meili. The house is in disrepair and sometimes leaks. In this regard, he always said: “repair it yourself.” The house is cold in winter and hot in summer, so the old man is not resistant to cold. Sometimes he has to wear a cotton padded jacket in summer. But he often says, “compared with that when I was in the tunnel, what is my suffering?” < / P > < p > “in sun Jingkun’s mind, he always thinks about the party, the country and others first, and puts himself last.” Village Party branch secretary Qiu Dapeng said.