Sudan destroys 300000 illegal firearms

On September 29, Khartoum, the government of Sudan destroyed 300000 illegal firearms in the northern part of the country, which were collected by the government of Sudan from the people in accordance with the “national weapons collection plan”. < / P > < p > the destruction ceremony of illegal firearms was held in the Hajar asel region of northern Sudan. Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim, a member of the Sudan sovereignty Council, announced at the ceremony that the centralized destruction of illegal firearms marked the end of the first three stages of the national weapons collection program. At the same time, Ibrahim announced the launch of the fourth phase of the plan, namely the mandatory collection of firearms. In the fourth phase, no one will be allowed to possess weapons except for the regular armed personnel of the Sudan. According to Ibrahim, Sudan has a vast territory and the collection of illegal weapons needs the coordination and support of neighboring countries. He called on relevant countries and international organizations to provide Sudan with advanced technologies and means to support the implementation of phase IV. In recent years, the government of Sudan has been collecting illegal weapons from the people. In April this year, the government of Sudan set up a high-level committee to collect illegal weapons, unlicensed vehicles and combat the smuggling of dangerous goods.