Study in China to promote exchange

The profound language and culture and the rapid social development make many foreign students choose to study in China. They have gained a lot from their study and life in China. Some of them choose to stay, and some of them are engaged in exchanges and cooperation with China after returning home. < p > < p > in 2010, I set foot on the land of China for the first time because of reporting the Guangzhou Asian Games. At that time, I could only speak a little basic Chinese, but the local people were very happy to communicate with me. My trip to Guangzhou confirmed my determination to study in China. After returning home, I quit my job and went to Beijing Language and Culture University in 2011. During my study abroad, I went to many cities in China. I am deeply impressed by the rapid development and dynamic atmosphere in all parts of China. One summer vacation, I went to Shenzhen by train, where I was amazed by the modern urban landscape and the high proportion of innovative enterprises. As the epitome of the success of China’s reform and opening up, my visit to Shenzhen gave me a more intuitive understanding of China’s development process. < / P > < p > in Thailand, Chinese talents are in great demand. After returning to China, I soon applied for a position in Thailand 3. In 2017, Thai TV station 3 broadcast Chinese TV drama “Three Kingdoms” and produced a special program. Because I have a certain understanding of Chinese culture, the TV station appointed me to host this program. We invite guests to tell stories about the Three Kingdoms in each issue to help the audience have a better understanding of the historical background at that time. The broadcast of TV series triggered a round of “Three Kingdoms fever” in Thailand, and I began to be famous for this supporting program. With the increasingly close ties between Thailand and China, Thai people are eager to learn more about China. At present, I am responsible for most of the news about Thailand China relations on Thai 3. Thailand’s pptv36 also found me to be responsible for producing a pro Thai Chinese program, covering the story of exchanges and cooperation between the two countries and China’s development. The novel coronavirus pneumonia profound sentiments of friendship between the two peoples were vividly illustrated by the support and cooperation of the two countries during the

new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control. Thai Prime Minister bayou recorded the video of “Thailand and China unite and cheer together”. The Thai government and all walks of life also actively donated anti epidemic materials such as masks, medical gloves and protective clothing to China. With the changes in the situation of epidemic prevention and control, China has also donated materials to Thailand and held video conferences with our medical staff on many occasions to exchange anti epidemic experience. As a journalist, I have witnessed the profound friendship between the two countries as one family, overcoming difficulties together. At present, China’s epidemic prevention and control situation is stable, and its economic operation has basically recovered. China is one belt, one road, and I believe China will soon recover its vitality. We hope that Thailand will further strengthen cooperation with China in building a “one belt and one way” framework to bring more opportunities for development to the local people. < / P > < p > this year is the final year of China’s decisive battle against poverty. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China has lifted more than 800 million poor people out of poverty, which is a remarkable achievement. I am preparing to produce a program on poverty reduction in China, hoping to provide a reference for Thailand. < / P > < p > My Chinese name is boloren, and my friends like to call me Lao bu. In middle school, I studied Chinese martial arts and was attracted by the Chinese culture behind martial arts. After graduation, I received a scholarship from the Confucius Institute of Milan National University. In 2014, I came to Chongqing University to continue to study Chinese. < / P > < p > I love Chongqing very much. The local people are warm and straightforward, and welcome friends from all over the world with an open mind, which makes me feel tolerant and warm. After finishing my Chinese study, I entered Chongqing University again in 2017, and now I have a master’s degree in business administration. During this period, I visited almost every corner of Chongqing and learned a lot of local dialects. < / P > < p > this is my sixth year in China. Over the past few years, I have seen a three-dimensional real China, and I like this country more. What impresses me most is the efforts China has made to lift itself out of poverty. For a long time, in order to help the rural poor get rid of poverty and become rich, the Chinese government has promoted advanced agricultural technology in poor areas to improve crop productivity. In recent years, it has also promoted the sale of agricultural products through e-commerce platforms. All the measures to get rid of poverty show the firm determination of the Chinese government to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and the lives of people in poverty-stricken areas have been improved as a result.

novel coronavirus pneumonia during the epidemic prevention and control, I have been staying in Chongqing. The community I live in has implemented strict closed management, and every security guard, property and other staff in the community are dutiful and stick to their posts. The persistence of these ordinary people shows me the strength and belief of the Chinese people to unite as one and overcome the difficulties together. The strict local prevention and control measures also make me feel at ease. Thanks to China’s developed e-commerce services, I can purchase daily necessities without leaving home. I have never encountered any inconvenience in my daily life. < / P > < p > during the period of home isolation, I paid close attention to the latest progress of epidemic prevention and control in China. In the face of the challenge of the epidemic, the Chinese government has always put people’s life safety and health in the first place, and fully deployed various resources in a short period of time. Medical staff from all over the country rushed to the front line of anti epidemic, and huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals were built quickly, showing China’s strong ability of emergency organization. At first, my family in Italy was very worried about me and kept in touch with me every day. Seeing that China has curbed the spread of the epidemic in a short time, they completely dispelled their worries. < / P > < p > Chinese people often say that “unity is strength”. This is a vivid portrayal of Italy and China’s mutual help during the period of epidemic prevention and control. At the most difficult time of epidemic prevention and control, Italy and China actively extended a helping hand and donated anti epidemic materials such as masks and protective clothing to each other. My hometown, Varese, belongs to Lombardy, which is one of the most serious epidemic areas in Italy. China has sent anti epidemic medical expert groups to Italy many times, and their prevention and control suggestions have provided strong support for our anti epidemic work. China’s thousands of miles of aid shows the responsibility of a big country and draws the hearts of the two peoples closer.

in recent years one belt, one road and one country has been developing closer cooperation. In March 2019, one belt, one road, and two memorandums of understanding were signed by the two governments. Italy has advantages in aerospace, biotechnology and medicine, environmental protection technology and other fields, and the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries has broad prospects. Chongqing plays a unique role in the exchanges between the two countries. Italy has opened a Consulate General in Chongqing, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China has also set up an office here. Over the years, I have been deeply integrated into the city of Chongqing. I want to stay in Chongqing to work and build a bridge for the exchange between Italy and China. < / P > < p > in 2011, I entered the medical school of Banja Luka University in BIH and have been working in the domestic medical and health field since graduation. China has advanced medical technology and management experience in the field of public health. All along, I have learned from China. On the recommendation of the president of BIH, in September 2019, I entered Tsinghua University to study for a master’s degree in public health. In the past June, I graduated successfully and was honored to speak at the graduation ceremony as a student representative. < / P > < p > I have gained a lot from my study experience in China. Tsinghua University is a world-famous university. I have made many good teachers and friends here. While improving my professional knowledge, I also admire the diligent, professional and dedicated spirit of my Chinese counterparts. < / P > < p > after the winter vacation in January this year, I didn’t go back to China. I plan to use this time to feel more about Chinese culture. However, the sudden novel coronavirus pneumonia situation has forced me to stay in school. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the Chinese government quickly mobilized all resources to fight against the epidemic and formulated comprehensive and effective prevention and control measures, which made me deeply feel China’s advantages in the national governance system. The Chinese people are united, actively cooperate with the government’s various measures, consciously wear masks, live in isolation, and maintain social distance. The strength of each individual gathered together to form a strong force. < / P > < p > the school has also formulated a thorough prevention and control plan, including daily temperature detection for students, personal protection guidance, etc., putting our health and safety in the first place, which makes me feel more at ease. At the same time, the school also carries out online academic courses and network seminars to ensure the normal learning progress. < / P > < p > as a public health major, I pay close attention to the development trend of epidemic prevention and control in China every day. Medical staff from all over the world went retrograde to the front line of anti epidemic, and several shelter hospitals were built in a very short time I have witnessed the efficiency and strength of China in disease prevention and control. < / P > < p > while doing well in its own epidemic prevention work, China has also joined hands with many countries in the world to fight the epidemic by donating medical materials and sending anti epidemic medical expert groups, which embodies the responsibility of a responsible power. In addition to donations, China signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in health and medical sciences with BIH in April, laying a policy foundation for our two countries to strengthen cooperation in health and disease prevention and control, medical education and scientific research, traditional Chinese medicine and other fields during and after the epidemic. < / P > < p > during the period of epidemic prevention and control, I also tried my best to contact the international resources I accumulated in the medical industry, and raise medical materials such as masks and protective clothing. In February, through my alma mater Banja Luka University, I collected a batch of masks for Tsinghua students who stayed in school. After the outbreak of the epidemic in BIH, with the help of teachers and classmates from Tsinghua University, I raised a number of personal protection materials for my motherland. After graduation, I joined Shenzhen Huada gene Co., Ltd. I decided to stay in China for development because I want to continue to learn from China’s advanced governance experience in various fields. I believe that my study and work experience in China will help me better serve my motherland BIH in the future. I hope to help deepen exchanges and cooperation between medical personnel of the two countries and bring more opportunities for the development of public health services in BIH. < / P > < p > my relationship with China started in high school. At that time, I studied the introductory course of Chinese, which stimulated my interest in Chinese culture. During the University, I chose to study Chinese language and literature and economics. With the deepening understanding of Chinese culture, I can’t wait to go to China. After hard work, I successfully applied to study abroad. In 2009 and 2010, I went to East China Normal University and Tsinghua University for one semester exchange study. < / P > < p > my study time in China is one of my most memorable experiences. Bicycles neatly parked in the campus, delicious and affordable street snacks, warm and friendly Chinese people and vibrant neighborhoods Scenes of daily life are still fresh in my memory. In my spare time, I like to go to Wudaokou in Beijing. There are many colleges and universities, cafes, restaurants, bookstores and other service facilities, cultural atmosphere is diverse, I made a lot of friends there. < / P > < p > I have visited many cities and visited historical sites and museums all over China. Whether it is the lifelike terracotta warriors and horses, the exquisite Longmen Grottoes carving, or the exquisite bronzes, porcelain, lacquerware and other cultural relics, all bear the weight