Strive to create a new situation in the ideological and political education of the people’s army in the new era

From December 3 to 4, the military ideological and political education work conference was held in Beijing. This is an important meeting held on our army’s new journey towards the Centennial goal of building the army. President Xi cordially received the representatives of the plenary session and expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the meeting on behalf of the Party Central Committee, which fully reflected that the core of the party, the commander-in-chief of the army and the people’s leaders attach great importance to strengthening the party’s absolute leadership over the people’s army and thoroughly implementing the political strategy of building the army in the new era, as well as building the ideological and political education system of the people’s army in the new era and providing strong ideological support for the cause of strengthening the army The ardent expectation of political guarantee. < / P > < p > to master ideological leadership is the first to master all leaders. It is the fine tradition and unique advantage of our party and army to always pay attention to the ideological and political construction and mastery of the army. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the whole army has adhered to the guidance of Xi’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, thoroughly implemented Xi’s thought of strengthening the army, focused on strengthening the party’s ideological and political leadership over the army, innovated and improved the ideological and political education work, strengthened the political spirit of officers and soldiers to listen to and follow the party, stimulated the bloody courage of the army to fight and win, and continued the true style of the people’s army. Facing the new era, new situation, new tasks and new requirements, we must update the concept of education, optimize the content of education, improve the way of education, and strive to build the ideological and political education system of the people’s army in the new era. This is a far-reaching plan to adhere to the party’s management thought, a strategic measure to unite the will of a strong army, and a requirement of the times to cultivate “Four Haves” revolutionary soldiers and forge “four irons” excellent troops. < / P > < p > strengthening and rejuvenating the army is a distinct theme of our army construction. To construct the ideological and political education system of the people’s army in the new era and create a new situation in the ideological and political education of the people’s army in the new era, we must thoroughly study and implement a series of important instructions and requirements on strengthening and improving the ideological and political education of the people’s army, closely focus on the realization of the party’s goal of strengthening the army in the new era, build the people’s army into a world-class army in an all-round way, and strive to cultivate the party’s ability They are the successors to the command, the battle teams who can win battles, and the children soldiers with excellent style, so as to gather the will power of the whole army to strengthen and prosper the army. < / P > < p > persisting in educating and training people with Marxism is the essential feature of Ideological and political education in our army. To cast a firm military spirit and cultivate absolutely loyal revolutionary soldiers under the banner of the party, we must arm the officers and soldiers with the thought of learning socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the thought of learning to strengthen the army. According to the requirements of learning, understanding and doing things well, we must do a deep, lasting and solid job in learning and education, improve the quality and efficiency of indoctrination, firmly think about the principles and beliefs, and promote the party’s innovative theoretical arms to go deep, to the real and to the heart. < / P > < p > times have changed, objects have changed, and ideological and political education must change with them. To promote the transformation of our army’s ideological and political education mode, we should take a good line of the masses and open up new educational fields through mass innovation. It is necessary to stimulate the masses’ self-education vitality, fully respect the dominant position of officers and soldiers; make good use of the information network education space, so that the “largest variable” of the network can become the “largest increment” of education innovation; give full play to the cultural education function of strengthening the army, effectively consolidate the ideological and cultural position of the army, and build the spiritual home of officers and soldiers; respond to the needs of officers and soldiers, so as to make education more warm and realistic, and rely on the masses The wisdom and strength of the teachers can make the fire of education prosperous. < p > < p > it is the silent order and the best education for leading cadres to take the lead. It’s better for leading cadres to ask for people from above and promote people from behind than to lead people in front. We must adhere to the principle that educators should receive education first, starting from the “key minority” of leading cadres, working hard on taking the lead in learning and speaking, working hard on rectifying the style of work and establishing a new trend, working hard on rushing ahead and doing first, and returning to the basic principles of consistency of words and deeds, setting an example, and being more efficient and less efficient. < / P > < p > ideological and political education is an integral project and a systematic project. We must set up a big education concept, mobilize all kinds of power resources, and form a big pattern of grasping education as a whole and working together. It is necessary to consolidate the responsibilities of the Party committee, adhere to the principle of teaching according to law, build a strong teaching team, strengthen practical exploration, and form a vivid situation in which the Party committee takes the overall responsibility, works together from top to bottom, and everyone works together, so as to promote the ideological and political education of our army to a great improvement at a new starting point. Through strong ideological and political education, we should guide the officers and men of the whole army to enhance the “Four Consciousness”, firm the “four self-confidence”, achieve the “two maintenance”, implement the responsibility system of the chairman of the Military Commission, resolutely follow the command of the Party Central Committee and President Hexi, and make unremitting efforts to promote the cause of building a strong military in the new era.