Strengthening public health function of medical institutions in Jiangxi Province

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, was issued by the general office of the Jiangxi provincial government recently. The key tasks of the second half of 2020 were to reform the medical and health system in Jiangxi province. It was proposed that we should deepen the work related to the prevention and cure of the new health care reform and the new crown pneumonia, and put the prevention first in a more prominent position, fill the gaps, plug loopholes, and strengthen the weak points, so as to provide a strong support for the safety and health of the people. < p > < p > it is clear that the province should improve the public health service system such as disease prevention and control, maternal and child health care, health supervision, health education and promotion, optimize and improve the function setting of disease prevention and control institutions, and improve the basic conditions of disease prevention and control. We should improve the coordination mechanism of medical prevention, strengthen the responsibility of disease prevention and control of medical institutions at all levels, strengthen the public health functions of public hospitals and the ability to treat infectious diseases, and promote the communication of personnel, information and resources in medical and preventive institutions. We should strengthen the responsibility of disease prevention and control in township hospitals and community health service centers, and improve the linkage mechanism between disease prevention and control institutions and urban and rural communities. We will promote the establishment of intelligent early warning multi-point trigger mechanism, strengthen the construction of public health team, and improve the training, access, use, treatment guarantee, assessment and incentive mechanism of practitioners. To explore the establishment of talent flow mechanism between public medical institutions and professional public health institutions. In 2020, we will focus on supporting the development of three provincial major epidemic prevention and treatment bases and 63 county-level hospitals to enhance their treatment capacity. < p > < p > the province proposed to implement the government’s investment policies on infrastructure and equipment purchase of public hospitals in line with the regional health planning, and establish a gradually increasing, stable and long-term medical investment mechanism. We should promote the performance appraisal of three-level public hospitals, start the performance appraisal of secondary public hospitals, improve the performance evaluation system of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, bring disease prevention and control, standardized construction of health emergency, health promotion and education into the assessment scope, and carry out comprehensive reform demonstration and performance evaluation of public hospitals. To carry out the provincial primary medical and health institutions to improve the ability of major epidemic treatment and grassroots health personnel training projects, strengthen the construction of service capacity of township hospitals in poverty-stricken counties and township hospitals in pilot counties of national medical community, and promote the implementation of multi-channel subsidy policy for rural medical and health personnel.