Star VX 2.0T model pre-sale price exposure, pre-sale since 190000, officially launched in December

It is located in a medium-sized SUV with a 7-seat layout and a wheelbase of 2900 mm. Power, the new car will provide 1.6T and 2.0T two power models to choose from. As a brand, < p > < p > Xingtu VX’s body length, width and height are 4970mm / 1940mm / 1795mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2900mm, which surpasses the body size of the same level, making the new car look very powerful. Xingtu VX still uses Xingtu’s family style design language of “wisdom and sense aesthetics”. The chrome plated decorative strip with the word “Exeed” on the front of the car is equipped with a through LED light band, which has a full sense of technology. < / P > < p > the front qigeshan is decorated with three thick chrome plated decorative strips, which looks very domineering. Split headlamp design has also been used down, with full LED light source. Under the A-pillar, there is a chrome plated decorative strip with the word “Exeed”, which improves the sense of quality in details. < / P > < p > 20 inch oversized wheel rim with 2.9 m long wheelbase gives full marks for visual effect. And the tire is equipped with the performance and control of the horse brand MC6, both in view and in use. The taillights and the front of the car echo each other with a through design, with two exhaust outlets embedded on both sides of a bright chrome plated panel, highlighting the hardline image of VX. < / P > < p > the interior part is wrapped with soft materials in a large area, the door panels and seats are decorated with diamond stitching process, central control and wood grain veneer, which makes it very luxurious. In terms of configuration, star VX is equipped with the latest lion 4.0 intelligent cloud system, with AR live navigation, fully automatic parking aid system with touch drag function and face ID and other functions < / P > < p > the rear seat of the new car is very comfortable. Even if you sit in the third row, as long as the passenger’s height is not too high, you can still have nearly a punch in the leg when the second row seat is adjusted to a comfortable sitting position. And the 7-seat large space can meet the needs of multiple people travel and two-child families. < / P > < p > in terms of power, the new car will provide 1.6T and 2.0T power models to choose from. The Chery’s third generation 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 187kw and a peak torque of 385nm. It is reported that this 2.0tgdi adopts in cylinder direct injection technology, and its performance parameters are quite excellent compared with similar products.